Limits On God

When I'm having a really good meal or someone has made a culinary masterpiece, my profound comment is, "If they don't serve this in heaven, I'm not going."  We think of heaven as a continuation of this life with all the fine things we may have enjoyed and the people we have loved the most.  But that puts limits on God.
We're always putting limits on God, but we forget that God has no limits.  We are the ones with limits.  If you are a control freak, this probably makes you nuts, but for someone who has suffered addiction and has turned their life over to God it makes perfect sense.
When I first became Catholic I was relieved.  I knew that my life was in very capable hands.  That doesn't mean I always, "let go and let God."  I have many moments of tug of war with Him because I can't let it go.  I do want it my way and I can't understand why He doesn't see it that way.  I'm the spoiled daughter stomping my feet in defiance.  When I finally give up (mostly in exhaustion), I let Him do His work, in His time.  Another thing that makes me crazy.  His timing is not my timing and so now I have to wait.
My final desperate attempt to reconcile with my Creator is to unite my will with His.  I still struggle, I still question, but I know my loving Father knows what's best for me and I try and move forward with a prayer on my lips that maybe, just maybe, He'll see it my way.

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