Robert Ellsberg's The Franciscan Saints

Robert Ellsberg's The Franciscan Saints
I love to read:  novels, history, biography, autobiography and of course, books about the Catholic faith.  As a convert, I’m always discovering something that I didn’t know.  The journey never seems to end and that’s okay.  It keeps my faith fresh. Reading books about saints are always fascinating to me.  Ordinary people with extraordinary struggles... Read more »

Random and unrelated topics I should have written crammed into one blog post

My fellow blogger, Howard, over at I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes messaged me the other day and asked if I was still writing for ChicagoNow.  He said it had been two months since my last post.  I hadn’t realized it had been that long! Not that there’s nothing to write about.  My fellow blogger, The Friendly... Read more »

I hate that Roger Waters has become the get off my lawn guy

We had great seats.  With a multi-media show it really doesn't matter where you sit.  Massive screens allow you to see everything that's going on.  From a multi-media perspective, this show was outstanding.  I've never seen anything like it before.  Photo by Pam Spano
At the last minute, I was gifted with tickets to see Roger Waters at the United Center Friday night. Here’s a recap of the concert: Normally I wouldn’t write about a topic like this, but I was put off by the vulgarity and tastelessness of part of the concert that mocked the President.  My son... Read more »

12 places that got my mind off of real life

The first night the BFF and I stayed at The Drake Hotel compliments of my son who got us an employee discount.  Old world elegance is at it's best in this exquisite hotel.  My husband's parents spent their honeymoon here 50 years ago.  There's nothing like new surroundings to get your mind off the real world.  Room service and housekeeping is a big plus, too.  ;-)
The BFF arrived in town last week and my staycation from blogging, social media and real life began.  I was happy to get away from home for a while and recharge my spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, life is good, I just hit a few bumps in the road. From beautiful hotels, wonderful food, great... Read more »

There is one bible verse that I have an intense dislike for

There is one bible verse that I have an intense dislike for
We are supposed to love the scriptures, the Word of God, but there is one bible verse that I have an intense dislike for:  Matthew 5:38-42.  That whole “turning the other cheek” thing goes against my very being. To be honest, I want bad things to happen to the people I believe have wronged me... Read more »

How I designed my new prayer corner

It starts with where you sit.  This chair has always been referred to in our house as "Red's chair."  I allowed our dog Red to sleep in this chair only.  I threw a big comforter over it and that's where she parked herself.  When she passed away, I found myself using it to watch TV and eventually start reading and writing there.  It's very comfortable!
I came across several articles and images about how to design your own prayer corner.  I thought it was a lovely idea, but I just never did anything about it.  Then one day I looked at the mess that was serving as my prayer corner and decided I needed a clean and inviting place to... Read more »

Our Lady of Fatima 100 years of stories, prayers, and devotions

If you are Catholic (and even if you’re not), you know that this is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, perhaps the most significant apparitions of Our Lady in modern times.  Why are they significant?  Because what was seen and told to Lucia dos Santos and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto is... Read more »

This year I participated in Bike The Drive at 65

The night before the ride, I got my t-shirt and number.  By that time there were already 20,000 registered cyclists!
On Sunday, May 28, I rode my bike in the Bike The Drive event.  This event has been held for the past 16 years.  What it entails, is Lake Shore Drive here in Chicago being closed to traffic from the early morning hours (the ride starts at 5:30 AM) till 11:00 AM when it reopens.... Read more »

A brief history of the Miraculous Medal

First, this is the ring I wear every day.  It has the Hail Mary in Italian all around it.  I "Hail Mary" my way through everything and this ring has been a real comfort to me, especially when I was working!
May is the month dedicated to Mary, Our Blessed Mother.  Though I usually wear my Ave Maria ring every day, during the month of May I will wear one of the four Miraculous Medals I own. What is a Miraculous Medal you ask?  Here is a brief history of the Miraculous Medal: My husband is... Read more »

My never-ending journey on the road to Emmaus

There are times on this journey where the road is clear and the view is perfect.
Today’s Gospel reading is from Luke 24:13-35.  It is the story of the road to Emmaus.  My never-ending journey on the road to Emmaus started over thirty years ago.  The road has been clear, blocked and flooded! I came across this quote from Pope Francis that made me wonder if I was on the right road:... Read more »