On Burnout, and Gratitude

On Burnout, and Gratitude

What I want to write is a wrap-up of my BlogHer17 trip, the friends I made, the blogs you should follow immediately, the lessons I've learned... but I can't just now. I was up all night being sick, and before I could even put clothes on again yesterday morning I was on the phone, talking fundraisers, and before I could have breakfast or lunch I was calling Senators in other states to beg them not to vote for the AHCA. What I *need* to do is check on the pitches I sent out from BlogHer. What I *need* to do is catch up with work, my job that pays me, that I love, and that I care about deeply. Where I make my biggest impact. But I can't even look at my email.

You see, my inbox is becoming a problem. I am so tired of messages flooding in with headlines that basically say, "YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH! DO MORE! DO THIS! WORK HARDER!"

I *am* working harder. I *am* doing as much as I can. I am struggling against burnout every day, not just to keep advocating, to keep interviewing, to keep writing, but to do all the things I otherwise have to every day.

You know, feeding my kids, brushing my teeth, sitting down and taking a rest when I've been working for five hours straight without having breakfast first and my hands are shaking.

Including 4 million on employer provided health insurance. You know, like me and my family.

Including 4 million on employer provided health insurance. You know, like me and my family.

I am not alone in this. I know I am not alone in this.

I don't need a thousand emails telling me to stay outraged. I don't need a hundred alerts lighting up my phone telling me that I have to do my part.

I need somebody to send me a massive bottle of prilosec and tell me they are with ME, not that I need to be better at being with THEM. And maybe that makes me a selfish, short sighted libtard snowflake. But I don't think so, I think it makes me an advocate burning my three wicked candle at six ends. I need to not feel that I am 100% needed 1000% of the time, and I need somebody to teach me how to take better care of myself, because to be honest I am barely holding myself together.

So if you have an in with the social media people at Civic Action or the ACLU or the DLCC or the SLPC or Organizing for Action or any other NPO or PAC that sends out these things... please... tell them to find another strategy.

And please, know I see you. Every single person who shares my stories, who writes me comments propping us up, who sends their support on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, who sends messages letting me know that my family means something to them, that they think of my husband or my children, that they are learning about the way the the current administration is attacking their *actual* freedoms, I see you. I am unspeakably grateful to you.

Thank you for reading, for listening, for watching, for clicking "like" or retweeting. Thank you for amplifying my family's story, and helping us make our world safer and kinder.

Thank you.

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