On Punching Nazis in the Face

On Punching Nazis in the Face

The Lake County JCC got a bomb threat yesterday. It's the third time in less than a month that dozens of JCCs in the US have been threatened like this.

When Trump attempted to come to Chicago, I watched his fans. I watched them laughing together, asking the question to other MAGA hat wearing folk, strangers to them, "Which is worse, Jews or Fags?"

I watched my twitter engagements change. Instead of garden variety sexist taunts and rape threats, I started getting "Jew bitch" stuff, "kike" stuff, threats to put my kids in an oven. People with clear Nazi references tattooed on their body started following me on social media. That was also not fucking normal. And you know where they got their intel? Their talking points and rhetoric? It was from Breitbart- from Steve Bannon.

When he joined the Trump campaign, it only got worse.

Do you know what I did when Clinton conceded the election? I tried to justify that things would be okay... until the minute I realized Steve Bannon would run Trump's administration. Then I had a full on panic attack, and I believe as I hyperventilated and sobbed the words that flowed like vomit out of my mouth were, "There are Nazis in the White House. There are Nazis in the White House. There are Nazis in the White House."

I know, poor special little snowflake, crying because her candidate lost. Fuck you. I wasn't crying because my candidate lost. I was PANICKING because the other guy WON, and the other guy happens to be surrounded by people, to encourage and support people, who think me and my family should be eradicated from the face of the earth.<

Trump intentionally left all mentions of Jews and anti-semitism from his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement. He made Steve fucking Bannon, white-nationalist ICON, a member of the fucking SECURITY COUNCIL. And although, in the eleven days since he became PRESIDENT, there have been doznes of JCCs targeted with bomb threats, he has said NOTHING.

It doesn't matter what you thought you were voting for when you elected this maniac. For a while there, I thought he was Putin's puppet, but it's worse. He's Bannon's puppet. And Bannon quite literally wants me to die in a fire. And my children, who he would not permit his children to attend school with. And probably my husband.

There are people, people now in charge of our country, who want to kill MY CHILDREN. The children at daycare at the JCC. There are people who want to see us broken and beaten and stripped of all our rights and then exterminated.

Call them "alt right," call them "white nationalists," call them "neo-nazis," it's all the same thing, colloquially. If you voted for them, you voted for this.

There are fucking Nazis in the White House.

Over the last few weeks, there has been SO much debate online about whether or not it's "ok" to punch a Nazi. Whether attacking somebody who expresses views that are "different" from yours is okay.

Here's the answer.

If somebody's view is that you are sub-human and should be eliminated from existence, that is not a differing opinion. That is an intent to harm.

If somebody's view is that you should be cooked in ovens or shot or brutalized, that is not a differing opinion. That is intent to kill.

And yes, they should be punched in the face.

It isn't a question of whether you prefer coffee or tea. It's the question of whether ALL PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS.

And if you can't stand up and say, "Steve Bannon is an anti-semitic propagandist," and "Donald Trump is an Islamaphobic demagogue," and that the whole cabinet is full of racists, bigots, and misogynists who are making LIVING FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS like my family unsafe?

Go look in a mirror and imagine that you're standing next to a giant swastika. Imagine for a moment how it makes you feel. That is what it looks like when you stand next to Trump, when you defend him for any reason.

There's a funny thing about panic attacks. They're based on the fight or flight reflex. The critical moment when you need to do one or the other, frozen in time.

And we are reaching a point when this delicate snowflake, ALL the delicate snowflakes, aren't interested in flight anymore.


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