The October 2016 SuperMommy Digest

The October 2016 SuperMommy Digest

It's been a long, exhausting month, starting with the release of the Trump Tapes.

When you write about sexual violence and one of the candidates for president is recorded BRAGGING about committing multiple acts of sexual assault, news can take over you life. There is something utterly triggering about a man in power, in genuine contention to become the most POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD, dismissing confessions of horrible sexual crimes as "locker room talk," and saying things like, "It's just words." As though words DON'T matter (such an offensive concept to a writer).

So in the midst of this shit-show, most of my writing has been based on the Trump Tapes. Of course it has. And here is where you can read most of that:

Dear Donald Trump and Billy Bush
Here is an open letter, explaining why Billy Bush is frankly worse for our culture than Donald Trump. For every Donald Trump, I say, there are probably 5 or 10 Billy Bushes.

Why The Trump Tapes Make an Impact
This is about the plausibility of denial, and how Donald Trump has eliminated it from the narrative of his sexual predations. While many establishment Republicans could turn their backs on the allegations of rape from Ivana (later redacted, as part of divorce agreements), allegations of sexual assault from past business partners (later dropped, as part of lawsuit settlements), and allegations of child rape (Trump is due in court next month on this issue), there is something that made the Access Hollywood tapes different.

To everyone who says that Hillary is "just as bad" as Trump in regards to sexual violence
An open letter to anyone who swallows the stories about Hillary Clinton as an adversary to survivors of sexual violence, based either on lies regarding her time as a public defender, OR her role in Bill Clinton's alleged sexual crimes.

As a Mother & Survivor, I'm Having "Big Feelings" about Michelle Obama's Speech
Not long after the tapes came out, Michelle Obama delivered an AMAZING speech in New Hampshire about them. She didn't mention the tapes or Donald Trump too specifically, which was incredible in itself, but she did speak about sexual violence, and sexual harassment, and the realities of inequality for women. And, as the title says, it gave me "big feelings."

An amazing and important response to the Trump Tapes, and even more, to the way women who came forward with their stories of being assaulted by Donald Trump were treated by his supporters.

I Was Raped at Age 14, And Here's Why I Didn't Report My Assault
I've been open in the past about my assaults, but this is the first time I've written in depth about why I didn't report them. It's a complicated issue, and it's important to try to understand.

My Pain Is Valid
One of the big reasons I didn't report my assault was I believed I had destroyed my credibility as a human being with my suicide attempt. While this isn't a story about Trump, or about #whywomendontreport, it's relevant, and its release was timely.


Moving on from the Trump Tapes, here are a few more stories about the election in general.

A Lesson On Bigotry To People Considering Voting For Donald Trump
You might recognize this rant if you follow me on facebook, (and you should follow me on facebook). But it's always worth another read.

You Know What, Determined Hillary Hater?
A very frank and honest description of everything wrong with the false equivalency between Trump and Clinton. My personal favorite bit? The mic drop.

Trump Blames the Jews
As we all knew would happen, it finally happened. The Trump campaign went ahead and blamed The Jews(tm) for his lack of success. Naturally, I had a lot to say on the matter.

My Children and Malala
Whenever I brush my daughters' hair, I tell them the story of a historic woman, and their favorite is Malala Yousafzai. And whether we think about it or not, this election is part of a story we'll be telling our children for a long time.


Different, but still also political, is my New Job! I have been working for World Without Exploitation, helping survivors of human trafficking tell their stories. Check out the website, read about these amazing people, and learn how you can help end human trafficking.
World Without Exploitation- Stories


And now for something completely different. Sex, love, family, and everything else.

7 Weird-But-NORMAL Feelings That Signal You're Doing Life Right
From learning not to be a racist jerk to learning it's okay to to turn into your mom, being a grownup is weird, but also, good.

Marry and Man Who Looks At You Like You're Magic
As you may or may not know, M is pretty much the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me, and I am head over heels in love with him.

I Confess My Sins During Sex- And It's Incredible
Yes, it's about sex. But more importantly, it's about intimacy.

Happy Birthday, Girls
Seven years ago, I became a mom in a flurry of terror and confusion. And it was beautiful and wonderful, and I have been forever better for the birth of my wonderful twin girls.

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