New Year, New Home for Becoming SuperMommy

New Year, New Home for Becoming SuperMommy

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to the new home of Becoming SuperMommy!

I almost never thought this day would come. After all the love, all the time, and all the energy I put into the old Becoming SuperMommy, now I'm here- sharing the amazing ChicagoNow stage. It's terrifying, kind of, and exciting. And I really hope you'll all stick around to see what's to come.

This is nothing like moving in the physical world. I didn't sort through all my works, deciding what goes and what goes to Good Will. I didn't scrub down the baseboards and whitewash the walls, readying it for the next owner. I didn't walk through all my memories, reliving the best and worst moments, laughing and crying silently like a lunatic.

But I do feel a sort of regret, to be going away. And a nostalgia. And an intense love for everything that happened while I lived there. My disastrous first attempts at parental perfection, my first epic failure... But also so many successes.

The first time I wrote something and strangers on the internet actually read it, about my experience at the inaugural Chicago SlutWalk....

My Monday Morning Dance Parties...

My first really viral post...

All of these are part of the past, now. I mean, yes, sure, they were part of the past the moment I hit "publish" and they went forth into the world, typos, warts and all. But now they're really part of the past, because now? I don't live there anymore.

Now I live here. In the same network as many of the blogs you've often found (and will continue to find) in my Sunday Blogarounds. It's like I've moved downtown, to a ritzy penthouse, only it's still filled with my kids' crap and my endless unfinished projects, and goldfish cracker crumbs that coat your socks when you walk down the hall.

I am so excited to be here. I can't wait to see what's coming in this new year, at this new home.

The old Becoming SuperMommy blog will still be there. Who knows? Maybe it will always be there. Maybe it will stand forever in its little corner of the internet, a testament to the hubris of a twenty-something mom of twins, and the miraculous things that can occur when you decide to make tenacity the cornerstone of your personality.

Or maybe it will stand forever because I am way too lazy to take it down. That's also a very fair option.

But this is where I live now. This is where the amazing things that 2015 may have in store will come to pass. This is where I'll laugh and cry with all of you, as I have always done.

Welcome to my new home, lovely readers.

You are welcome here any time.




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