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Why chicks who like comics, cartoons, & video games make better girlfriends.

"Cosplay- The act of dressing up as a fictional character, most commonly done at conventions." 
Can you believe these bad ass girls are single?!? They just haven't met the right guy yet. I'm pretty sure they like guys who are into role play!
With so many people in the world looking for that special someone, it is super difficult to find the perfect match. I think most hetero guys would agree that they’d love to find a girl who is fun, easy going, and enjoys the simple things in life. That is why girls who are into comics,... Read more »

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang
Anybody who is a devout Youtuber has heard of Turquoise Jeep. They are a group of guys who have become known worldwide for making hilarious videos for their undeniably catchy songs (if you haven’t AT LEAST seen Smang It then you’re super late, try to keep up!) With almost 20 million views of their videos,... Read more »