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If you like sex, mischief, beauty, & fashion, then come see me perform at "Dirty After Dark" on Feb. 27th

As many of you know, I have taken some time away from performing and am focusing more on recording. I hadn’t planned to do any shows in my hometown until after my next mixtape was released. However, when the owner of DYE LYFE gave me the details of her upcoming event and asked me if... Read more »

Cheap Ass Valentines Day gifts that your girl will actually like: The CHICAGO edition

Since I refuse to not have an extravagant lifestyle and I can always use the excuse “I ain’t got no damn kids!” to justify my indulgences, I LOVE hunting down deals on food, workout classes, spas, etc. In spite of us all being in an economic slump, Valentines Day is just around the corner. If... Read more »

How to Winterize Your Face: The Chicago Blizzard Edition

Yesterday evening, I ventured outdoors for the first time since the storm began. In addition to the mounds of snow that came up to my waist and slick ice waiting to trip a passerby, I noticed something else that is characteristic of Chicago winters, the freezing cold wind whipping in my face. Even when you’re... Read more »

10 things my White friends aren't allowed to do during Black History Month.

As you might remember from your elementary school assemblies, Black History Month was founded by Carter G Woodson in 1926. The month of February was selected for this celebration of Black history in honor of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, who were both born in that month. A lot has changed in America since 1926,... Read more »

If you've ever experienced the death of a loved one, I'd like to hear from you.

As you know, I am working on my new mixtape right now called “Roses N’ Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED mixtape that rocks.” Around the time I was finishing Roses N’ Guns 1, my grandma’s health took a turn for the worse. She had been battling cancer for a long while at that point, and... Read more »

Why I Almost Cursed Out a Hot Guy With a Big Wang: When smashing is no longer an option

As any self employed person knows, working for yourself is a full time job. My life is a series of meetings, phone calls, appearances, studio sessions, and OCCASIONALLY I get to take time away from all of that to actually draw or create my music (that’s what I do instead of sleeping.) Needless to say,... Read more »

PART 2: What my friends who are signed to major labels are telling me about the music industry

As I mentioned in part 1 of this blog, a lot of my friends are either signed to major labels or have been in the recent past. I ask them for advice frequently, since they’re able to give me the inside scoop. So many people are chasing the illusive “record deal,” but we often don’t... Read more »

What my friends who are signed to major labels are telling me about the music industry (PART 1)

For the past few years, whenever someone asks me what my short term goals for my career are, I tell them that I’d like to sign to an indie label, build up more buzz for myself, and then maybe partner with a major. And after a year of walking away from some of the shittiest... Read more »

Pros Before Bros: Is it dumb for young women to put their careers before love?

3 years ago, my career in music was nothing to brag about. Although I already had a few voice overs on major commercials under my belt and was writing/vocal producing other artists, I wasn’t happy. In spite of having been told by some industry folks that I couldn’t get ahead because my sound wasn’t urban... Read more »

An Intellectual Discussion on the Advantages & Disadvantages of Big Titties.

One day, when I was in fourth grade, a group of girls approached me in the hallway during a bathroom break. A girl named Tiana (I think) stepped forward from the group of girls and loudly accused me of stuffing my bra. I responded “No, I dont!” She replied “Yes you do, why does it... Read more »