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Confessions of a complicated, counter-culture, reckless individual (Part 4)

Confessions of a complicated, counter-culture, reckless individual (Part 4)
All my life, I have been aware of the fact that I did not fit in. I did not dress the way my friends did, I didn’t understand why they were into the fads they were into…to be honest, I’ve been socially awkward since first grade. There was a time when I really wanted to... Read more »

Another 1 of my songs will be featured on MTV's show "The City" tonight! That rocks.

Did you see the blog that I posted on February 27th about getting the phone call from the music coordinator at MTV? I talked about how she offered me a music licensing deal and what that meant. Then I spent the next month getting my music together. I blogged about it all. So if you... Read more »

Tonight, my music will be featured on MTV's hit show "The City." (I really needed that good news.)

The past week of my life has been a frenzy. I released the first single off my mixtape and it was met with great reviews and was circulated across the internet. Then I released a little buzz video on the net that was also met with great reviews and circulation. Then my granny’s cancer suddenly... Read more »

Sex, Sleep, & Free Time: 3 things I never get.

I HAVEN’T SLEPT FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE HOURS THIS WEEK. I’ve grown accustomed to not having my basic human needs met. But hey… at least I’m productive. I have to be in the studio in 4 hours and I need a nap. I’m not coherent enough to explain in full detail, so I’ll be as descriptive... Read more »

MTV called me! Yeah...I'm REALLY glad I answered the phone.

MTV called me. Twice. And emailed me to follow up. There are so many reasons why this rocks that I’d sound like a straight up lame if I named them all. But I’m sure you get the picture.  I probably should have blogged about this Thursday night after it happened, but I was so busy... Read more »