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An Open Letter to My Peeping Tom

Dear Peeping Tom; A year ago, I loved where I live. It’s relatively quiet, it’s super close to the studio where I record my music, and it’s safe. Then, out of the blue, you entered my life. I remember telling my friends about the first time I heard you running away from my window, and... Read more »

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang
Anybody who is a devout Youtuber has heard of Turquoise Jeep. They are a group of guys who have become known worldwide for making hilarious videos for their undeniably catchy songs (if you haven’t AT LEAST seen Smang It then you’re super late, try to keep up!) With almost 20 million views of their videos,... Read more »

Why I won't let this "Bite Hunter" guy make me hate white people (WARNING: Very Strong Language)

As most of you who are reading this blog already know, I am an entertainer. Last week, I sent an email out to my fan list. The addresses are collected from folks who bought my EP on bandcamp or people who requested to be on my email list, people who already know who I am.... Read more »

If you like sex, mischief, beauty, & fashion, then come see me perform at "Dirty After Dark" on Feb. 27th

As many of you know, I have taken some time away from performing and am focusing more on recording. I hadn’t planned to do any shows in my hometown until after my next mixtape was released. However, when the owner of DYE LYFE gave me the details of her upcoming event and asked me if... Read more »

How to Winterize Your Face: The Chicago Blizzard Edition

Yesterday evening, I ventured outdoors for the first time since the storm began. In addition to the mounds of snow that came up to my waist and slick ice waiting to trip a passerby, I noticed something else that is characteristic of Chicago winters, the freezing cold wind whipping in my face. Even when you’re... Read more »

10 things my White friends aren't allowed to do during Black History Month.

As you might remember from your elementary school assemblies, Black History Month was founded by Carter G Woodson in 1926. The month of February was selected for this celebration of Black history in honor of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, who were both born in that month. A lot has changed in America since 1926,... Read more »