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I'm receiving a Chicago Independent Award today. That kinda rocks.

Today at about 5pm, I’ll be making a trip to The Palmer House Hilton. I’ll be escorted to a receiving area for nominees and award recipients and take pictures for press before I’m escorted into the Honore Ballroom to attend the ceremony for The Chicago Independent Awards. And at some point in the evening, I... Read more »

I need an assistant. Like, ASAP.

I am so busy that I can not even begin to explain. I’m the chairman and CEO of “Nikki Lynette,” and although my management team does a lot to keep things moving forward, sometimes I have a larger workload than I can handle. For example, right now I am rehearsing and developing my show for... Read more »

Nikki Lynette is playing Mobfest. Yes, BLACK KIDS CAN ROCK OUT!

Mobfest is a 3 day music conference and festival. Music lovers from all over the Midwest (and elsewhere, if they are hardcore music fans) come to attend music seminars and check out the artists that are booked to perform at the fests. I freaking LOVE Mobfest. I’ve always wanted to perform there. Traditionally, they book... Read more »

The benefits & the drawbacks of being "The weird girl."

I’m shooting a video this Friday for my song “Civil War.” It’s not going to be anything like my first video, “Don’t Say No.” There will be no huge production team, no wardrobe stylist, no cast of 75+ extras, no choreography. It’ll be me, a few friends, a small camera crew, and our cool concept.... Read more »

Music Licensing For Dummies, Smarties, and The Rest of Us.

A few weeks ago, I did a blog discussing a phone call that I got from MTV. They called me (unexpectedly) and asked to license my music. That rocks for several different reasons. For one, it’s rare that an artist deals directly with a music supervisor. Usually its a publishing company, an agency, or somebody... Read more »