The Truth About Black Love - Explained With Toys

The Truth About Black Love - Explained With Toys

If you read my last article entitled "I told the truth about Black Love and Facebook banned me for 30 Days," then you already know that I am currently in the midst of a month long shunning from Facebook. When they decided in the past to ban me over petty stuff, I ain't really sweat it because its just social media. But I'm not ok with them banning me over a post I wrote about black love and relationships. It had more than 2000 shares on my personal page, people really connected with it. Folks say the most racist, sexist, homophobic, vile stuff on FB with no recourse. But for some reason my posts always seem to get me punished. I go on Facebook, I promote my music, I talk about silly stuff and cuss and make dirty jokes and poke fun at folks and it's totally acceptable when I'm on bullshit. But when I talk about a real issue, the history of why my people are in the bad state we're in today, I get banned for a month? Nah. It's not ok. So to make my message more consumer friendly, I explained it all over again in a video ... with toys.

Please enjoy: "The Truth About Black Love - Explained With Toys."






I've reached out a few times to inquire about what I said or did that violated their policies...still waiting on a reply.I'm gonna keep having making videos and having them uploaded to my page in the mean time :o)

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