This dude wants to snitch on me... so I'm saving him the trouble.

Some creepy dude who works for the State of Illinois or something threatened to submit screengrabs of our less than friendly interactions online today so that he can get me in trouble with ChicagoNow, as if they don't already know how incorrigible I am. So I thought I'd save him the trouble and post the screengrabs myself. He has informed me that I have 24 hours to give him my phone number or he will take legal action. LoLz. This shit is the highlight of his life right now.

A day ago, in a series of posts about police brutality, I screenshot this post from my Twitter and put it on Instagram:


And this dude, rightfully exercising his freedom of speech, got butthurt and replied, as you can see here:

My response to that dude was "You do realize the fact that I said "appropriating black culture" and you jumped off topic into hip hop and rap music is PROOF that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about? There is more to black culture than just rap music...sorry if that's news to u. Smfh. Where do y'all get these ideas from?"

To which he replied:


Then I screenshot that and posted it to my IG, and read his corny ass, being sure to make mention of the fact that I only know who his thirsty ass is because of his unsuccessful attempts to try to smash a friend of mine. I have met him once in life. Yet, somehow he has the inside scoop on how awful I am. So, after some back and forth and general pettiness between us he came back on MY PAGE, (a lowly entertainer,) while he was on his employer's dime, and continued talking shit. I screenshot our prior interactions from FB as well as a shot of his bitchfest and put it on my Facebook page:

He bitched out some more after that. Because bitches gonna bitch. So then, on my Facebook page, I said "SO that dude who I put on blast earlier got butthurt and came on my page spewing MAD venom. He even came with some threatening crap, talking bout he conceal carries and he stay strapped. LoLoL! He told me I ain't shit, I ain't never gonna be shit, and that I'll be broke in five years! OH LAWD!

Then he deleted it like a lil bitch. Cuz he ain't bout that life. But I was able to reply before he deleted them all :o)

Everybody loves me. NOBODIES hate me."


And I posted this:

He came BACK ON MY PAGE talking shit after that and threatened to report me to ChicagoNow and "all the other publications I try to write for" (I been blogging here for four years bruh, been with Red Eye for almost two) and he then crawled COMFORTABLY into the victim role:


But by then I was already eating a chocolate cupcake, so... I opted to tend to my priorities:

I'm not nice and I don't believe in being the bigger person. So fuck that dude.

In the time we've had this conversation today I've communicated with three different organizations that help victims of police brutality and wrongful arrests to see what I can do to help. If you are interested in learning what you can do to help combat police brutality, I urge you to check out:

The National Police Accountability Project

Communities United Against Police Brutality

Police Complaint Center

I'm not anti-police, I'm anti-brutality. You should be, too.

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