Donald Sterling's Girlfriend: The high price of loving these hoes.

Donald Sterling's Girlfriend: The high price of loving these hoes.

Donald Sterling is gross.
We all know about the racist ass tirade he went on that landed him in a well deserved lifetime ban from the NBA, a 2.5 million dollar fine, and the possibility of being forced to sell The Clippers. And many of us now know that Donald Sterling's wife is suing his side chick who released the tape, saying she has been a gold digging menace for years. But not much else is known about Vanessa Stiviano, who has been going around wearing a shiny welder's mask over her face to protect her from media attention. I don't know who told her that broads walking around looking like back-up dancers for Daft Punk attract LESS attention, but ummm... to each his own.
Maybe its because I am in the music industry and have become desensitized to the presence of beautiful women whose love is for sell, but I am fascinated by how much anger and shade is being thrown toward Vanessa Stiviano. I mean... Donald Sterling has not exactly been secretive about their relationship. In fact the main image that has been floating around that features Donald Sterling and Vanessa Stiviano was taken while they were sitting courtside at a game. Yet, Vanessa Stiviano has officially been labeled a hoe by the media, tons of NBA players, and the citizens of Social Media Land. And it's not like the petty, gossipy name calling that pretty girls had to be weary of in high school... oh wait, it's exactly like that. The ubiquitous title of "hoe" will surely follow Vanessa Stiviano well into whatever high profile relationship or reality show she spins her new fame into next. And I am not entirely sure if that's fair.

Let's not forget, she totally pulled a "Kat Stacks" on a dirty racist.

Let's be honest, y'all. There's so much bullshit out here to make a girl feel like even the mention of sex makes her a hoe. I don't buy it. Sexuality can be very empowering for a lady. Of course talking about sex doesn't mean it's all you think about. Of course dressing skimpy doesn't mean your body is all you have to offer. Of course having a rich lover who gives you shit doesn't mean you don't respect yourself.  People need to get the fuck over it. Society at large wants chicks to feel like they have to reserve themselves in order for them to be worthy of respect and that's a concept I can't stand behind. I don't hide my love of men and I'm openly not a monogamist, and I have no problem meeting guys who show me respect and actually want to date me. The ones who can't handle my openness get checked and shamed. It's that simple.

I'd totally be lying if I said I have never let a wealthy dude spend money on me. It's not something I seek out because my attention is actually NOT FOR SALE, but I've been spoiled and it was fucking awesome and if I meet another cool dude who likes spoiling girls with dreads then I'll do it again. I mean really people. When did the word "hoe" stop meaning prostitute and start meaning "woman who's sexual behavior doesn't fit the conventional idea of how females should behave?" Do we have proof that Vanessa Stiviano actually whored herself to get the gifts and money she was given? Like, has a "gifts-for-vag" agreement been drafted and made public? I don't mean to sound cunty, but the only women who would be okay with making generalizations like that are chicks who have never been able to hold the attention of generous men. You don't have to trick to get anything in life. If you don't understand how that works, I can teach you... but I'd have to charge.
In the whole "hoe" labeling argument, I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that whether Vanessa Stiviano is actually a true whore or not, Donald Sterling sure seemed to treat her like one. I mean, he basically stated to her that he expected to be able to tell her what to do and how to do it, all the way down to subtracting part of her ethnic heritage and living her life as a "delicate Latina." So does that mean that what makes a chick a hoe is not necessarily what she does, but what she accepts?


Don't get me wrong, I am so not an advocate of loving these hoes. Because hoes are HOES! Ugh. And do I think Vanessa Stiviano was shady for secretly taping a man she was supposed to be in love with? Yes. Do I think it was extra stank of her to openly be a sidepiece for a married man? Also yes. But I am kinda glad Donald Sterling got exposed and made an example of, if for no other reason than to serve as a very public display of how overtly racist behavior is not okay. Keep your racism inside and let it poison you slowly, it's the American way. At the end of the day, a gold digger and a hoe are not necessarily the same thing. For that reason, I will not be participating in the hoe bashing and public crucifixion of Vanessa Stiviano. The internet is doing a great job of it already.

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