How my stalker became my best friend.

Whenever my best friend and I go out, people always ask "How did you two meet?" And she casually replies "I stalked her until she finally became my friend." And she says it with a serious look on her face. And the person who asked always laughs. And I assure them that she is not kidding.

In 2010, I released a mixtape entitled Roses N' Guns: The totally badass mixtape that rocks. I had a mixtape release party and lots of people showed up, it was awesome. At the end of the night a strange girl who had been cheering loudly during my performance came up to introduce herself and said she was a fan of my work. She was pretty (like model type pretty) and seemed really nice, but I was slightly thrown off by the fact that this damn girl was sorta speaking to me hella familiar. (Lil pretty chick, you don't know my life!) She'd been brought to my event by a mutual friend who'd told her a lot about me. Oddly enough, that mutual friend had never mentioned her. So yeah... we hugged and made each others' acquaintance, and that was it. It all started from there.

Maybe a week or so later I randomly got a friend request on FB from the girl. I added her and we started chatting a bit about her company she owned, a female gamer organization called Sugar Gamers. She wanted to know if I wanted to get involved. At that point I was like "Ohhhhh. That damn girl was being all nice & shit because she wanted something. That makes sense. I can respect that." So I told her I'd check it out and then went on about my life. Over the next couple months the girl kept reaching out. Persistently. Hella much. But in a super nice and friendly way that would make you feel like a total cunty bitch if you caught an attitude about it. I got the distinct impression that this girl was trying to be my friend. Oh hellllll no. I wasn't for it. I would see her at comic book conventions and talk to her occasionally online, but I wasn't trying to be all chummy. I was saying "no new friends" BEFORE Drake made everybody think it was cool.

You'd think my obvious efforts to keep my distance would have made this girl go away, but nah. That damn girl actually started reaching out to me more. She began inviting me to all of her events. She asked if she could interview me for her site. She offered her office space for me to film some videos I was planning... this girl just refused to accept the stiff arm treatment. She just kept emailing me and messaging me on FB and tweeting me and sending me event invites and then following up to see if I got the invites and commenting on my pictures and sharing my blogs and reaching out and reaching out and reaching out until one day I actually DID, in fact, feel like a total cunty bitch for ignoring her. So one day I surrendered and gave her my number, and when we chatted I accepted her invitation to go visit her office...

And I realized that damn girl is damned awesome. That was the end of unfriendly Nikki.

Over the past couple years she has been a part of every major experience that has happened in my life. And today, on her birthday, I have to admit that she's become one of the closest friends I've ever had. Because of her I have new homies, new hobbies, and I even inherited from her a "bestie-in-law" named Jenni who is also quite awesome. (And when I met another Aquarius chick in New York one year later who pursued my friendship THE EXACT SAME STALKY WAY, I didn't even try to put up a fight because I already knew that I wasn't gonna win. LoL.) I have to admit, I'm not the most trusting person in the world, but that little stalker has made me better.

Happy birthday Keisha Howard. You're the best damned girl in the world.


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