The most trill blog I have ever read in my entire life

The most trill blog I have ever read in my entire life

Beyonce's new album shook up the world. That can't be denied. I have seen some pretty cray reactions to it thus far, but none have been as mind-blowing as an article I came across while in the studio working on my album today. This article, entitled "Eat the cake, Anime: On White Cluelessness (and Beyonce)" was written by a dude named Alexander Hardy, as a response to the live blogging rantings of Beyonce's new album by Kitty Pride. Yo...

I am not sure who the hell Kitty Pride is. I think she is a writer or personality or something. I know she had hella much to say about Danny Brown's whole "onstage felacio" thing that happened earlier this year, but I dunno much more than that. I do know, however, that because she has been on tour with Danny Brown and his crew I can only assume she has spent enough time around rappers and black folks and shit to know better than to say some of the stuff she said about Bey's album. Particularly at the moments when she compared Beyonce to Miley Cyrus. LoLz.

This Alexander guy sorta ripped into Kitty Pride (and all white folks on earth,) and I'm not saying I agree 100% with everything he said. My mom is mixed so I'd be sorta hypocritical if I got all "anti-whitey" on that ass. But yo... a lot of what he said about cultural appropriation and the confusion it causes as it relates to the origin of certain aspects of popular culture is damned true.

I could give a detailed breakdown of what he said and blah blah blah, but I'd rather you read the article yourself and tell me what you think. Do you think this writer was being a bit too touchy in his analysis of Kitty's reactions? (The "Eat the cake, Animae" this was pretty fucking dumb.) Or do you think that his snarkiness was justified and necessary to make his point?

I gotta be honest, it's well written... it's relevant... it just might be the most trill thing I have ever read on the interwebs. I can't wait to get your thoughts on this.

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