Five Reasons Why You Are Cooler Than Me

Five Reasons Why You Are Cooler Than Me

At midnight this morning, I wrote a post on my Facebook fan page titled "5 UNCOOL FACTS ABOUT ME." I admitted 5 quirks and/or imperfections about myself that might be considered non-Awesome, and then wrote "Ok.... your turn." It got a great response. SO many people contributed their own five uncool things. Could it be we're ALL non-Awesome?!?

In the spirit of openness and not giving a f*#k, I now present to you my 5 Uncool Facts about myself:

  1. I have a mark on my butt from an embarrassing injury I got as a kid. It's the reason why I never wear daisy dukes.
  2. I didn't start French kissing guys until a few years ago. Swapping spit weirds me put.
  3. I've never did drugs, smoked weed, drank liquor, sipped lean, etc. I've also never taken Zoloft, Lexapro, or Seroquel, which are the psychiatric meds I've been prescribed. LoL.
  4. I secretly wish I was still a C cup. It's harder to find pretty bras in a D.
  5. I talk about sex a lot, but I usually know a guy for a year or more before I consider smashing. I don't do it on purpose.

I still can't believe I opened up about the butt thing.( LoL.) But reading over three dozen people's uncool facts about their selves will really make you reconsider the things about yourself that you consider uncool.

So... the real question here is "Why did you write the Uncool list, Nikki?" It wasn't so much of an attention whoredom moment as it was a genuine desire to keep it trill. I think sometimes entertainers get so caught up with making themselves look cool in the eyes of others that they put off this aura that they aren't even human. I'm hella human. I don't like when people strive to be "perfect," I find those people creepy and non-Awesome. The best people to me are folk  who can accept who they are, embrace their oddball sh*t, and love their self regardless.

One guy who replied to the original post admitted that he still sleeps with his teddy bear and brings him to his DJ sets. Another guy admitted he was a 20 year old virgin. A girl with a G-cup rack admitted, like me, that she wouldn't mind having smaller boobs. And another girl admitted that when she is on a call and put on hold, she makes cartoon/beeping noises to amuse herself. The fact that they just put it out there makes me think those people are the opposite of non-Awesome. I am currently trying to think of a word that means "awesomer than Awsome" to describe them.

Feel free to open up and share your own. Can't wait to read them :o)


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