An Open Letter to My Peeping Tom

Dear Peeping Tom;

A year ago, I loved where I live. It's relatively quiet, it's super close to the studio where I record my music, and it's safe. Then, out of the blue, you entered my life. I remember telling my friends about the first time I heard you running away from my window, and they asked me "Do you think he's just some random pervert or do you think he knows who you are?" At the time, I assumed that I was randomly chosen. However, now that you have snuck onto the private property of the newly built home next door just to peep through my window, the police believe it is highly unlikely that someone would go to that much trouble for a random peep session. They believe you know who I am, and since you know where I live that means I probably know you. And if that's true, you're in trouble.

Hearing you moan at my window (the police assume it was from you touching yourself) wasn't scary. It was infuriating, which I assume you know since I cursed you out as you ran away. And what kills me is the fact that my blinds were so low that you must have been laying on the ground like a filthy animal to peep at me. You suck. You are a sicko of mass proportions, and I have overcome far greater drama in life than some pervert who gets his rocks off by peeping at unsuspecting girls.

I am writing this to let you know that I intend to get you caught. You shouldn't have let me hear you moan at my window, sir. I make a living with my ears, you thought I wouldn't recognize the tamber of your voice? The fact that you know which window belongs to my bedroom and how to hop over my neighbor's fence to get to that window convinces me that I know exactly who you are after all.

I love my apartment and I won't let anyone run me out of it. I'm nobody's victim. So here's what's gonna happen. First, I'm giving the name and address of the person I suspect to my friend who is a Detective Sergeant and he will help me check your information in the open source, publicly available databases to see if you have a record of peeping or harassment. If I am wrong about your identity, then I'm sure nothing will come up. If something does, I am gonna raise hell. Second, I am getting security cameras for my windows. They are actually very affordable! Finally, I'm telling all of my neighbors that we have a Peeping Tom in the area, that way everyone will be on the lookout. I'm sure the lady next door would love to know that some perv has been crawling around outside her beautiful new house to peep into my window.

If you keep peeping, you are going to get caught. Once I get even a small shred of proof about who you are, you'd better lawyer up. And my male family members aren't exactly pacifists, so I can't be held responsible for how they'd react. It's going to get very ugly for you.

In Illinois, if you are charged with being a Peeping Tom, you're facing a Class A Misdemeanor that has a maximum of 1 year in jail and a $2500 fine. I hope the sight of me in my underclothes typing on my Macbook is worth the living hell I am going to put you through once you get busted.

Sincerely, N. Lynette

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  • While I don't know if you have given out any other identifying information in the process of writing this blog, I have the feeling that this may be similar to the boater who posted every detail of her trip, and then got raped by a stalker in the UP of Michigan.

    That might indicate that the peeper is reading this, but odds are that he isn't, and probably doesn't need to be told the consequences, nor that the police have been tipped off to him.

  • In reply to jack:

    If he is the person who I think he is then he lives near me and has already seen the police outside my apartment for a half hour, and he also reads stuff I post. So... yeah... thanx for commenting

  • You realize it's "timbre", and not "tamber", right?

  • In reply to marktwain:

    That was a very valuable contribution and really helps me deal with the situation better. Thanx. I am sure you are a delight to your friends and family.

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    In reply to Nikki Lynette:

    Don't blame him that you can't spell.

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    In reply to Paul Allen:

    Hey, blame is her game and she's done so very, very well with it so far. Don't dis the miss hiss.

  • In reply to Gerard Van der Leun:

    What type of sick perv feels the need to speak up in defense of a peeping tom? And not only did u have the nerve to try to "dis" me (it's spelled "diss," grandpa) but u did so with some extra cheesy, pedobear sounding, corny ass rhyme! LoL. I dunno. Maybe u're just mad cuz u're one of those old dudes who got busted on To Catch a Predator or something. Anyway, thanx for commenting gramps.

  • In reply to Paul Allen:

    And don't blame me that you have no life aside from your career in trolling. Thanx for commenting. On my blog. That I get paid to write.

  • In reply to Nikki Lynette:

    Actually, he's right. I was trying to figure out what "tamber" was, too--it was really distracting from the story. While I fully support your efforts against this guy--if you are being paid to write a blog, and aren't just doing this on your own time for fun, you really should know how to spell. Being flip and sarcastic to someone who points out your mistake is not going to win you any points.

  • In reply to Janipurr:

    I wrote this at 5am with tears in my eyes after it happened. I didn't spell check it, I didn't post an image, I just set it to go live the next day and went to bed. I don't care at all about winning points, and the "story" u were distracted from isn't a story, it's my life. Further, the blog is an open letter to my peeping Tom, not an open letter to human spell checkers, know it alls, etc. If u don't like my attitude then there are plenty more blogs on ChicagNow for u to enjoy. And before u get all indignant with your reply, just remember that on a blog about me having my privacy violated, u opted to comment on a typo, not giving a damn about the sensitive subject matter. That is EXACTLY how I feel about your opinion.

    Thanx for commenting.

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    I would not wish a peeping tom/stalker on anyone! Please keep us updated on the situation. You also cannot be held to how your Team Badass fans might react...

  • In reply to EMarie:

    Thanx sweetheart. It sucks. But I'm not gonna let it make me hate my life. I'm gonna be proactive.

  • Do it Nikki. This is not a cool thing that this creep is taking you through. Being beautiful can be a curse and sometimes the target is Nikki Lynette. Realize that the Chicago Cubs GM had a stalker from Boston come to his doorstep. When we are private citizens doing public celebrity work, we get peeped and stalked. Protect yourself and be careful. We need you to keep creating great work. We love you Nikki Lynette.

  • In reply to Garrard McClendon:

    Thanx Garrard. It has been a tough thing for me to get used to, the whole idea that people would wanna seek me out. I have been dealing with people overstepping their boundaries more than ever lately, it sucks. It's definitely something I am still getting used to. Thanx for the kind words :o)

  • People joke about peeping toms as if they are a joking matter. They are not. When it happens to you, you start to fear everything. It isn't fair that some idiot should be able to invade your home enviroment with his perversion. Hopefully, he will be caught. Sadly, the laws don't put a high penalty on these jerks.

  • In reply to millielencioni:

    Yeah, it is also really hard to catch them when they typically run away as soon as you notice they are there. I'm really suspicious of someone I know though, so hopefully me publicizing my intentions about getting him caught will deter him from doing it again.

  • I think we need another name for "peeping Tom." It almost sounds inoffensive. Scumbag is too generic. Scopophiliac is the fancy name for hiding in the bushes while pumping your business sounds too technical. There must be a better way to describe these snakes. Any ideas?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Someone who hides in the bushes while pumping his business sounds too political.

    Instead of "peeping Tom" how about "voyeur stalker"?

  • No one likes peeping toms.

  • Dear Ms. Nikki,

    I PRAY, that ALL take heed, to your warning about this pervert for this IS a dangerous situation;child as well as adults, are being kidnaped and raped and drugged and it should not EVER be taken lightly!

    I'm EXTREMELY proud of your respond to this pervert;NOT allowing him to see this as a joke OR prank.

  • Yuck! Sorry to hear you're having to deal with a creepy person in your personal space.

  • I think you have lost the element of surprise. good luck

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    I don't need the element of surprise. I need the element of deterance.

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    Just heard you on NPR - Good job Nikki and way to cowgirl up and not take crap from this looser peeping on you. Way 2 go!!! Ann:)

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