The super cool thing that Nike did for me

The super cool thing that Nike did for me

When it comes to my wardrobe, I'm not really into name brands. I buy what I like, whether it costs $5 or $500. However, I do support brands who support causes that I believe in, especially when it directly benefits people who are close to me. That's why I totally love Nike now.

In April, I was cordially invited down to the new Nike Lounge in Chicago. When I got there they had a locker with my name on it. In that locker they had a bunch of cool Nike stuff for me that looks bad ass. I was introduced to their Chicago team and given lots of snacks. Of course developing a relationship with a major brand rocks, so I was happy. I didn't mention it online though, I decided to keep that one to myself.

On May 12th, I visited my lil brother in Kansas City before he deployed to Afghanistan. He told me he needed running shoes so that he could work out while he was overseas. I hit one of the Nike reps that I'd met a month prior and explained that my brother is in the Army and was deploying on his first tour, and that he needed running shoes. What happened next was just awesome.


You have no idea how happy my mom was about that. It's not that we can't afford to buy him new shoes, it is the fact that Nike cared enough to send them.

I would love to tell you how much my brother loved the shoes, but he hasn't gotten them yet. It takes a very long time for the care packages to reach the troops. But when I spoke with him and told him what Nike did his response was "Whoa! Really? Thank them for me. That's amazing."


In the picture above you can see both pairs of Nike running shoes, some magazines that my brother likes to read, some snacks that he can't get in Afghanistan, and baby wipes to clean himself up with because sometimes the troops don't have access to potable water to wash up with out there. My brother is the leader of his squad so when we send care packages we have to be sure to include enough so that he can share. The box was HUGE. I feel so happy to be able to say that Nike sent along 2 brand new pairs of shoes for the first care package that we ever sent our brother in Afghanistan.

The fact that they would do something like that for an indie artist from Chicago is just awesome to me. So now I'm hella pro-Nike. I've been peer pressuring my friends into coming out to Nike sponsored events, too. We're all rocking the swoosh on our feet. Like I said, I support the brands who support stuff that I believe in.


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    Wow. That is amazing!

    I will gladly buy some Nike running shoes, just to show my love for their kindness.

  • In reply to M Jackson:

    Thats what me & my friends did! I'm so stoked about them doing that. And they didn't send old shoes either, both pair are from this season. I was hella moved by it, they rock.

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