Does 'The Avengers' Live Up to Its Hype? One Fangirl's quick review.

Does 'The Avengers' Live Up to Its Hype? One Fangirl's quick review.

I have been looking forward to The Avengers movie ever since Nick Fury made an unexpected cameo at the end of the first Iron Man movie. Since then, I have been a total fangirl for the Marvel franchise. I wear that title with pride.

My friend Keisha & I just returned from watching The Avengers Anthology. It was a 14 hour long movie marathon where they played all of the films that led up to The Avengers, including The Hulk with Edward Norton. I'm still recovering.

Now I'll get to the question everyone has been asking... does it live up to it's hype?

Well...I guess that depends upon who you ask. I promise I'll keep this brief.

The movie lover in me loved The Avengers, there was never a dull moment during the film and I even got a few great laughs in as well. They did a great job of tying all of the movies together, there are a few unexpected surprises, and there is just enough Michael Bay-ish action going on to make it MANDATORY that you see it on the big screen. Seeing the team actually become a team is the best part of the movie, and a lot of the comedic element comes from that.

BUT...(yes, I used the big "but") the fangirl in me would be a total poser if I didn't say that I missed Ed Norton as The Hulk. One of the awesome things about seeing The Avengers Anthology is the fact that it made all of the characters fresh in my mind. Everybody's character seemed to tie into The Avenger's seamlessly...except The Hulk. Its not that the new guy Mark Ruffalo didn't do a great job, but he lacked the relatability that Ed Norton brought to Bruce Banner's character. And I also noticed some inconsistencies with The Hulk... I mean, if one minute The Hulk was out of control and the next he was able to target his rage then doesn't that shy away from where we left off at the end of the last Hulk movie? I refuse to give you guys any spoilers about The Avengers, but if you loved Ed as The Hulk then you'll miss him in this movie for sure.

I definitely think you should check out The Avengers, it isn't a Marvel groupie's dream come true but it is fun enough to where you won't be furious that you went to the movies to see it instead of waiting for it to come out on Blue Ray. And for the fanboys and girls, don't worry...there ARE PLENTY of those moments in the movie that only the true Marvel groupies are gonna catch.

Oh... And did I mention you got to see Samuel L. Jackson in action as Nick Fury, too? That alone makes it worth it! Even the fangirl in me can agree with that.

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    never been a fan of Captain America I think he's a stupid character (stupid in the sense that many comic nerds will tell you that Superman is uninteresting). I don't hate him.. i just don't care. I'm also not the biggest fan of Fury even with Sammy Jack in the role.

    But thumbs up for your assessment on the Hulk. I completely and totally agree. It's the most depressing thing that after rescuing that IMO, let's be polite and say, not good Ang Lee Hulk the Norton version was a great movie and his lack is surely missed.

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