Will I look better naked after taking The FlyWheel 5 Ride Challenge?

I hate working out. Exercise hurts and breaking a sweat is only fun when you're doing it under naughty circumstances. However, summer is right around the corner, and the way that I like to dress on & off the stage sort of requires that I be in decent shape.

Candy Morales is a personal trainer in Chicago who I have been working with off & on for about three years. When she emailed to invite me to a new class that she is teaching called FlyWheel, I was less than enthusiastic. Why? Because Candy likes to kick my ass. However, since she gets results I agreed to come check it out. What I was expecting was a boring, unSexy spin class. What I experienced was a fun cycling workout that went by quicker than I anticipated.

FlyWheel is an indoor cycling class that includes technologically advanced bikes, varying resistance levels and small weights, and music curated by FlyWheel's in-house DJ. In Chicagoland they have locations on the Gold Coast and in Highland Park but they also have locations in New York, Florida, Atlanta, and North Carolina. I have to admit, it is actually pretty fun...which is what made me doubtful that I could see any notable change in my physique from FlyWheel. I'm not used to seeing results from workouts that don't make me hate my life. The staff assured me, however, that not only could I achieve great results from doing FlyWheel, but that I would have noticeable results after only five rides!

I accepted the challenge. The way I see it, if I get noticeable results then that's a huge plus, but if I don't see any difference then this will be the first time EVER that I'll be able to tell Candy that she was wrong about something. Either way, I win!

I am not going to change my diet or do anything extra while taking this challenge, all I am going to do is incorporate 4 more rides into my schedule. And every Friday there is a free FlyWheel class at 12:30pm for people who want to check it out for themselves, on those days I am gonna drag a few of my friends along with me for moral support. I will give you an update again on Friday (at that point I will have had my third ride) and I will let you know if I've dropped any weight, lost any inches, or sent Candy Morales any "I told you so" emails. Like I said, whether I end up looking better naked or not... either way, I win!


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  • I've been on the fence about trying this place out, I don't know why - I love spin classes (I even have my own spin shoes). I think I'm just intimidated (by all the "state-of-the-artness)...whatever the case, after reading your blog I just signed up for 5 rides!!! Wish me luck!

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    That is awesome Robbie!!!! Are you in Chicago? I took my 2nd class today, afterward you feel great and have increased energy all day long. You will like it, you can ride at your own level of ability and the class sin;t super bright so nobody can see if you need to slack off for a few minutes (I slacked off at least twice today.) After your first class let me know how you like it!

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