The FlyWheel 5 Ride challenge: I already look better naked...and now my friends will, too!

The FlyWheel 5 Ride challenge: I already look better naked...and now my friends will, too!

I am currently working on a new album that I plan to release this summer. That means I have to get off of my hedonistic ass and exercise so that I can be in tip-top shape for shows, videos, and other half-naked summertime foolishness. Poor me.

A few days ago  I wrote about FlyWheel, the crazy cycling class that mixes the intense workout of spin class with the atmosphere and cool vibes of a nightclub. It would seem that those two extremes wouldn't work well together, but that is what makes FlyWheel soooo much better than a regular spin class. And just so you know, I'm not being paid to blog about how awesome FlyWheel is, I just wanna help spread the word about ways to stay in shape that don't suck and make you hate your life.

Today I had two of my friends, Lara Phillips and Kasey Taylor, join me for the free ride that FlyWheel offers every Friday. In the beginning, they were both concerned that the bikes seat would make their butts hurt by the end of the class (I had the same fear on my first ride, I swear.) Kasey used a butt-pad on her bike's seat but Lara was brave and went without one. Not me. I butt-padded it up. I'm not that brave.

Today was awesome, by the middle of the class we were singing and clapping along to the music (while we were cycling!) and the instructor, Candy Morales, even recited one of the rap verses! Cardio workouts are my least favorite exercise, except for dancing. FlyWheel gives you the same adrenaline you get from dancing but with the measurable results you get from spin. My friends had a blast and after ONE CLASS they have both decided to buy some sessions! Kasey said to me afterward "If you'd told me I'd be coming to a spin class, I would have said no. But this...I love this." Lara told Candy "You can count me in every week!"

I am already 3 sessions into my 5 Ride challenge. Here's what I think:

FlyWheel Pros:

  • Rapid results (I've dropped 4.5 pounds already, but it might have just been water weight. Either way, I'll take it.)
  • Increased energy (After the class you feel energized for the rest of the day)
  • Great atmosphere/energy (I never did regular spin class before because it looked soooooooooo boring. FlyWheeel isn't.)
  • Low impact cardio (It's easier on your joints and wayyyyyy more fun than running on a treadmill.
  • Free class (The free class is held every Friday at 12:30p. Things that are free are awesome.)
  • It's dark, so nobody can tell when you are cheating (Sometimes you just need to chicken out for a minute or two. There's no shame in my game.)

FlyWheel Cons:

  • Butt pain (Even with the butt-pads on the seat I still feel discomfort, but that's no different from any other spin class)
  • Risk of overexertion (Trying to keep up with the person next to you can lead to you try to go beyond your physical capabilities. Even though the instructors encourage you to increase intensity & resistance, they do remind you to go at your own pace.)
  • Muscle soreness (My legs hurt in ways that I usually only feel when I'm lifting weights. I guess that's a good thing, but still. Ouch.)

In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad by far. I love any exercise where I see a difference immediately. I still haven't changed my diet, in fact I have eaten cookies everyday since I started FlyWheel because I wanted cookies and if I want cookies I'm gonna have cookies because I like cookies. The fact that I've dropped 4 and a half pounds without changing my lifestyle or diet in any way gives me even more incentive to keep going. And now my girls will be right there with me!

In Chicagoland, FlyWheel has locations on the Gold Coast and in Highland Park but they also have locations in New York, Florida, Atlanta, and North Carolina. Try it! If you decide to do FlyWheel, please drop me a comment here or hit my Facebook page to let me know how it is going for you!


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