Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

Anybody who is a devout Youtuber has heard of Turquoise Jeep. They are a group of guys who have become known worldwide for making hilarious videos for their undeniably catchy songs (if you haven't AT LEAST seen Smang It then you're super late, try to keep up!) With almost 20 million views of their videos, I think it's safe to say that Turquoise Jeep is more than just another one of Youtube's passing fads... these dudes are definitely doing something right.

I remember the first time I saw one of their videos online. For the first few seconds I was stunned, the video was the worst thing I had seen in my entire life. I couldn't figure out if these guys were serious or not and that totally threw me off. But ummm... I couldn't turn off the video. I had to keep watching to see if these dudes were serious. By the end of the video I'd already shared the link on all of my social networking pages with the caption "This is the best thing I've seen in my entire life!" And then I watched it again. And again.

The best thing about Turquoise Jeep is the fact that they are all legitimately talented singers, rappers, and dancers who don't take themselves too seriously, they aren't afraid to have fun and people love them for it. When Keisha Howard (of Sugar Gamers) and I met them during their recent trip to Chicago, I was surprised to learn that they behave the same way in person. I'm serious... they wear the furry gotees and the bandanas and everything. While hanging out with these guys, I realized three things:

ONE- The members of Turquoise Jeep are either musical & comedic masterminds or they're all clinically insane. There is no middle ground.

TWO- If you remind them of someone from a television show they will sing that show's theme song and do any corresponding dances. I reminded them of Regine from Living Single. Hilarity ensued.

THREE-  Yung Humma's dorky ass could get it. Yeah, I said it. Man... I'd wreck his man-weave.

(The views and opinions expressed by Nikki Lynette as it relates to smashing Yung Humma are not necessarily those of Sugar Gamers, it's members, and/or it's affiliates.)

In spite of the fact that so many of us are fans of their videos, Sugar Gamers wanted to help Turquoise Jeep supporters really get to know the guys who have brought us so much free entertainment.

So check out Sugar Gamers presents- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

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