Why supporters of Issa Rae, Trayvon, & The Hunger Games should sit back, relax, & enjoy the racism

 Why supporters of Issa Rae, Trayvon, & The Hunger Games should sit back, relax, & enjoy the racism

At the beginning of February, I wrote a blog about Black history month that got featured on The View. Most people took it for what it was and had a good laugh. Other people took it as an opportunity to post some of the most racist comments I've ever read. A few days ago the episode aired again and SURE ENOUGH I got more racist comments on the blog. This time I just deleted them, I didn't have time for that shit. Spongebob was on.

Clearly, I'm no stranger to online racism. My songs play in tv shows, commercials, and videogames and I use social media to talk to people who like my music, I literally spend 50% of my life on the internet. Surprisingly, so do bigots. That is why I sympathized when I read the blog that Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae wrote on entitled People on the internet can be hella racist.

In a very polite and objective way, Issa explained that she recently "beat out 783 other web series to win the 2012 Shorty Award for Best Web Show." What happened next was beyond player-hating. As expected, the racist remarks began hurling through the Twittersphere, because...ya know...whenever someone online wants to piss you off they say something racist, as if they think that YOU THINK that belonging to your race is a bad thing.

The part that amazed me the most was summarized in this sentence: "Because, really, it takes sour grape-sized balls to start a trending topic (#ThingsBetterThanAwkwardBlackGirl) about a show you haven't seen." Wasn't it already bad enough that she got assaulted with a barrage of insults from people she didn't know?

A screen grab of Tweets sent to Issa Rae, see the rest here.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I HAD TO do some digging before I formed an opinion about this. I mean, yes, I can relate to Issa Rae's plight as a black girl in the entertainment industry, it isn't an easy road. Still, I had to see for myself it it was actually as bad as she claimed. As it turns out, Issa was actually understating the severity of the situation. Wanna know the funniest part about all of this? The most vocal person in this assault against Awkward Black Girl was a guy who lost the competition to Issa Rae. Can you say "bitchassed??????"

This is the way I envision it went down:

And this is just a sample of what came next....

As a young lady who aspires to have a bright future in broadcast television and film, Issa Rae understands that she has to behave in a calm and rational manner and remain positive in the face of all of this blatant racism and disrespect.

But I'm a recording artist. I don't have to behave.

So...that's the way you guys wanna play it, huh? When a black person pisses you off then it's "Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvon!" or "Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama!"

Right. Got it. When a racist gets mad at one person of a particular race, that means they are angry at ALL people of that race. That's equally as stupid as the black people who are angry about the Trayvon Martin murder that go posting anti-whitey status updates when REALLY it's supposed to be "Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman!" Let's evaluate how dumb that is... I'll keep it nice and simple so Trayvon Martin bashing racists can understand.

It seems to me that over the past few years people have become extremely vocal about their racist beliefs. Can any of us say that we don't see examples of racism all around us? When I read news blogs that are discussing Obama, I see an equal number of jabs at his race as I see objective jabs at his politics. And who could turn a blind eye to the on-going smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, as if airing a 17 year old boy's "dirty laundry" would somehow make his death less unjust? Even Hollywood blockbusters are unsafe, what with the ongoing racist tweets about The Hunger Games that have become so disgusting that even the media couldn't sweep it under the rug.

A screen grab of one of the Tweets posted about The Hunger Games, see the rest here.

But let's be serious... what is the cyber hate really accomplishing? Did eHaters stop Issa Rae from winning her first Shorty Award? Did eHaters stop The Hunger Games from setting records in the box office? Did eHaters stop the FBI, and the US Department of Justice  from intervening to investigate Trayvon's death? People from every race, sexual orientation, and nationality have to deal with hate online every now and then, not just black people. Bigots aren't special or unique. The worst thing that cyber racists can do is hurt your feelings. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will get your ass cussed out and then blocked if you come to me with that trash. I don't do hurt feelings, I fight ignorance with funnier, better ignorance.

As for the guy who kicked off the #ThingsBetterThanAwkwardBlackGirl trending topic, if you really think it's funny to joke about an unarmed mudered teenager in an effort to get a bit of attention, then coooool. Vent away, big homey. But there are some harsh realities that you need to accept. By this time next week, your racially charged rant will be long forgotten. Awkward Black Girl will still be the winner of the award and reaping the benefits of it, and you will still be the loser. Here is an example of what you SHOULD HAVE SAID instead of being a bitchassed mouthy hater:

The views and opinions about the shittiness of this dudes show are those of me, Nikki Lynette, and do not reflect the views and opinions of other people who've seen his ripped-off shock-jock shit and also think it's shitty.

In closing, I'd like to just say that I don't hate cyber racists because they aren't the ones who can hurt me, who can set back my advancement just because of the color of my skin. The quiet racists are the ones who can, and do, affect me. Remember, several of George Zimmerman's neighbors who were interviewed after Trayvon's death all said that Zimmerman was a nice guy whom they never would have considered racist. Those are the dangerous people, not losers on Twitter. As a socially awkward black girl myself, I am pleased to know that even in a time as racially charged as this, Issa Rae was still able to win a highly coveted Shorty Award, Trayvon Martin's case was still able to get national attention, and The Hunger Games, as diverse as it is, is still a smash hit. Since Issa and the black members of The Hunger Games cast are being the bigger person and refusing to be belligerent, I would like to come forward and say on behalf of everyone who's witnessed cyber racists... Hey, seriously. Shut the fuck up.


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  • so i go to check out this @mersh guy's twitter page just to see for myself. not because i didn't believe you or anything like that, i'm just one to see things with my own eyes, and what do i see but this:

    Mersh ‏ @Mersh
    I am off to count sheep. Unless the sheep are black and wearing hoodies. In which case I'm off to shoot sheep.

    if i were a christian i'd ask god for forgiveness for me hoping that this dude gets caught with child porn on his pc so some black sheep can introduce themselves to him in the local jail.

  • In reply to misterchi:

    This guy is an attention whore, he might have the kinda site where he that gets paid by advertisers for impressions his site gets or maybe he is just saying shocking shit to bolster his views or his site's Alexa ranking. I dunno. U'll be shocked to know that he actually responded! can u believe he actually read it? That's like a blogger's dream, u always hope a person that u talk about will read your post but how often does it actually happen??? He was mad about it too, I swear I never woulda thought he'd be all butthurt about a blog. LoL. Maybe if he wasn't such an asshole he would have the kind of fanbase that woulda supported him & helped him actually win the Shorty Award. That's how I won in the New Music Seminar competition, my fans care. But whatevs. Don't be mad, by this time next week we will have forgetten about this dude. Life goes on & on & on & on :o) Thanx for commenting.

  • fb_avatar

    Nikki, this is perhaps the best article I have read of yours! I must say I sat in the car after getting the email notification And read before pulling off and heading home. I love Issa Raye!!(as I am a ABG). It is so good to see people from my generation that are forward thinkers And understand what is going on in Real America. Please keep blogging, you really have an eye for journalistic opportunities. FACTS: Issa Raye deserved the award, And continues to achieve regardless of racist pricks comments And thoughts. Trayvon Martin was MURDERED by George Zimmerman who may not have been racist but was obsessive and racist police officers allowed the boy's race to cloud their judgement of the Facts presented. And lastly, how stupid can one be to not have realized (after reading the book) that Rue and Thresh came from the black district and were black. Oh simple minded fools.

    Like I said, continue writing girl! We have to help our generation, Because eventually we are going to be the ones running this county. How can we be elders and guide the coming generational youth with no wisdom, no goals, no understanding of our past?

  • In reply to EMarie:

    Awwww! I appreciate the love, girl. I keep finding myself writing about issues involving race, and it's crazy cuz it's not something I think about a lot.I work in a diverse field, race just isn't an everyday problem. But lately the issue keeps coming up. I happen to believe that things are getting better, and I just wanna put stuff out there from the point of view of a black girl who can look at things objectively instead of taking the position of "I'm offended! How dare u insult my people? Fuck u!"

    It's not that I'm not disgusted by racists, I just look down on them, it's like a part of their cognitive function halted at a young age and inhibits their ability to be critical thinkers. I look at racism as a sign of lack of intelligence, and I know it's hella mean but I hate stupid people. I think people who refuse to use their brains and be objective are repugnant. It disgusts me, they are nothing more than walking genetic waste. That might be harsh, but that's what I think of racists.

    I just think that it's getting better an I am not gonna let a few assholes stop me from pointing out the obvious. Racist losers don't represent the majority, they aren't special and anointed with the duty of speaking for their skinfolk. Please.

    So glad u agree with my writings doll. Thanx for commenting :o)

  • fb_avatar

    This is so fucking good! Nikki you're an inspiration to my white-girl self. Thanks for all you do =)

  • In reply to Becky Burnham:

    Thanx Becky! What pisses me off is when guys like him do stuff like this, then some black people who get offended by it start thinking that ALL white people feel that way. I know racists exist, I've gotten uberHate for being a black girl who does rock. But really...who cares? It sets us all back when we're divided, its all bullshit. So glad u appreciate my blog darling :o) Thanx for commenting.

  • a friend of mine shared this blog on FB and I decided to read it. It's a great! I love reading stuff like this and knowing that there are people out there that have some level of intelligence! As described at work (not in a bad way) as a "white-brown" (latina that looks as caucasian as they come), I see both sides of it from people thinking I'm white (and talking shit about me in Spanish) to actually being hispanic.

    But man, that Mersh obviously hasn't gotten out much and is a straight fuckard and should open a sheep farm where he can shag all the white sheep he wants!

    Will definitely follow your blog!

  • In reply to Linda:

    Wow. I bet being Latina but looking Caucasian puts u in a weird position because people talk SO MUCH SH*T about Hispanic folks, and I just know u have had it happen around you without them knowing that u are Hispanic. That has to be so awkward. I almost pounced on a girl on Halloween for that very reason, she started trash talking Hispanics and I was with my Hispanic friend Kat who can pass for white. I didn't care that the girl didn't know, I cared that my friend had to overhear that crap from that trashy girl. I'm glad u found my blog and glad u enjoyed it. Thanx for commenting Linda :o)

  • fb_avatar

    "I don't hate cyber racists because they aren't the ones who can hurt me, who can set back my advancement just because of the color of my skin. The quiet racists are the ones who can, and do, affect me." I rarely ever comment on articles but I loved everything about this post, particularly the above paragraph. I'm officially a fan. Like Linda, I am also a Latina who frequently (unintentionally) passes for other things, and I've been privy to some pretty awful conversations and workplace bullshit against more obviously ethnic colleagues.

    You are 100% correct -- it's the quiet ones who are more dangerous. Those who will never say stupid shit to your face but are in positions of actual power who continuously block POC from upward mobility and try to make everything a white boy's club. Even more dangerous than them are "nice" but apathetic people of all stripes who sit back and do nothing.

    Keep speaking the truth! <3



  • I love this article. I wish more people would speak out and quit allowing them to fuel the fires of hate. If you heard voices that are of a different opinion than their, then maybe theirs wouldn't get so much attention. Everyone of those African American actors/actress are beautiful. Maybe there is jealousy that they do look so good

  • fb_avatar

    I'll be your cracka any day.


    -Dillon J.

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