The aftermath of my blog being featured on The View

The aftermath of my blog being featured on The View

I was going to write a post about how my blog ended up getting featured, how I found out about it, and how it made me feel. But over the past several days all of my bloggy time has been dedicated to responding to the 100+ comments that the blog has amassed. Like last year, the blog generated a lot of comments. Anytime you have an open discussion about race it is bound to attract the attention of people who consider the topic taboo. I have come to understand there are vast differences in the way my generation views race issues as opposed to the way older generations view them. The younger generation doesn't seem to care as much... some of you older folks need to grow the hell up. And some of the comments I got were so racist & disgusting that they pretty much justified why Black History Month exists.

There was an equal amount of haters as their were people showing love to the article, but the haters seem to be really offended. Perhaps their schools never taught them the meaning of satire, or maybe they just wanted a place to vent about how much they think Black people suck. One person even went so far as to give statistics about how many blacks are unwed moms and committing crimes, etc, and claimed that every contribution we've made to society is a lie. I really think you guys should go check out the comments section for yourself so that you'll understand what I'm talking about.

To be honest, I am really happy with the overall response the blog got. A handful of pervy little racist haters can't change the fact that many people loved the piece. I have a ton of new Facebook friends now who fit right in with the community I already have in place for my supporters, and an unexpected consequence of the feature was the spike in the sales of my album. (Score!!!) It would appear the blog has taken on a life of it's own, and from the looks of things the comments won't be slowing down anytime soon. I'm not the most polite person in the world so the people who talked trash on my Facebook page got told off by myself and my fans (they ripped them to shreds, it was hilarious) but for the most part of my blog I tried to remain respectful.

I intend to write plenty more slightly offensive, opinionated, satirical blogs in the future. Thank you to all my supporters and everybody from ChicagoNow who congratulated me and encouraged me to start blogging more. I have to go because my co-producer leaves for the Grammy Awards tomorrow and we have a lot of preparation to do before he leaves. I don't get to go this year. He says I have to stay here and write so that I'll be ready to get back to work when he returns. So now I'm totally racist against him.


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