Why I won't let this "Bite Hunter" guy make me hate white people (WARNING: Very Strong Language)

As most of you who are reading this blog already know, I am an entertainer. Last week, I sent an email out to my fan list. The addresses are collected from folks who bought my EP on bandcamp or people who requested to be on my email list, people who already know who I am. I send an email once a month, sometimes less if I have been using social networks a lot. I recently entered into a music licensing agreement with Viacom Media Networks, sang the theme for a video game that recently came out on Xbox Kinect, and was contacted by an independent label that is interested in putting out my mixtape officially. I figured all of this good news warranted an email. It would appear I mistyped an email address & my monthly update ended up in the wrong person's email inbox. His reply was so ignorant that I searched his email addy on FB and found that it is connected to the account of someone from Chicago who goes by Bite Hunter. I have posted his message below, it contains sensitive content:

Dear N the Bitch:

Who in the fuck do your white trash nigger ass think you are?

Get the fuck off my email you filthy, spamming cunt!

Who gives a flying fuck about your God damned degenerate family?

How very fucking dare you presume you may talk on an impersonal level with me?

I don't even know who the fuck you are!

Yeah, too bad you are not doing much. You are a boring bitch. Everyone hates Viacom! Have you checked out MTV's latest ratings?
Everyone loves XBox, just not you. Twister Mania sucks shit to the Second Coming of Christ. So there.

Uhh, Thanx. I think I will stop eating at McShittles then. I do not want to hear your skanky spamming voice anywhere!

Fuck Divamall! It's for fat whores that don't get any dick you abrasive, spoiled, rotting cunt! Shove your mix tape up your hope-to-be-raped-by-apes ass.

You smell like urine.

Yeah, you're so cool.

If this is what Direct Mail is about, I will kiss it goodbye, like you can kiss my fat, flat, brown asshole.
Don't forget to lick all the shit off of my fat ass, since you are an ass wipe for spamming my email with your UNWANTED and UNPROMPTED fucking gay email.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day sucks.

Go fuck yourself and buy your own shit, BITCH!

fuck you


Let me state, for the record, that I am not unaware that racism exists. Is any Black American ever given the opportunity to forget? However, what shocked me most is not the fact that Bite Hunter rampantly used the N-Bomb, but the fact that he actually thinks the word contains any power to hurt people anymore. I hate spam just as much as the next guy, but there is no amount of spam that could possibly ever make me feel inclined to go on a racist tirade against the sender. As soon as I saw that this Bite Hunter dude actually typed the N-bomb nothing else in the email could possibly offend me. I immediately realized I was reading a message from a person who needs help, someone who has no knowledge of what is going on in the world around him and is probably a very sad and lonely person. I don't really care because this Bite Hunter guy is obviously a loser. Still, it reaffirms my beliefs that only the most disgusting, intolerant people alive are the people who think this way, and I feel really grateful that I can work in a culturally diverse environment for a living. I realize my life is not like everyone else's. I am afforded the luxury of not having to think about race all the time. I know that it is an issue that impacts people everyday, maybe there are people who would be moved to tears by being called "Nigger" and "bitch" and "cunt" by some older white guy. But I'm not that person. This is not the first time I got a racist message online, and it won't be the last. The more it happens, the more desensitized I become, and the more I realize that people like Bite Hunter are not speaking for the majority. There is fundamentally something wrong with these people. And it makes me feel glad that the world is changing, because that means it won't be long before people who think the way Bite Hunter does will be extinct.


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  • I love that your unwarranted email wasted like 4 seconds of his day, yet he was able to set aside at least 5 minutes for hatred directed at you in his email.

    Also loved that he mentioned twice that he was fat.

  • This was a great post, Nikki, and you have a very healthy, mature way of reacting to an unhealthy, immature person. Carrie from Portrait

  • Pro work Nik! That is truly a sad individual..

  • Wow!! Why this stuff only happens to us idk...sad.

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