Watch my NEW video: Bird = Word 2.0

For my upcoming mixtape Roses N' Guns 2, I am doing all of my videos with Fady Haddad of Luye Entertainment. On April 29th he is holding a premiere for his own short films, and we will be premiering my 1st REAL video for Roses N' Guns 2! The viral vid below is one the first of many collaborations between me & Fady. Warning: It is 100% pure silliness. Peep the flier below to get the info about the premiere & come hang with us on April 29th. And of course, ENJOY THE VIDEO!

Bird = Word 2.0, from the upcoming project "Roses N' Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED mixtape that rocks." DROPPING MAY 18TH!


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  • Hey, I cam down to Columbia to see the 6:30 show and it was canceled :(

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