The benefits & the drawbacks of being "The weird girl."

I'm shooting a video this Friday for my song "Civil War." It's not going to be anything like my first video, "Don't Say No." There will be no huge production team, no wardrobe stylist, no cast of 75+ extras, no choreography. It'll be me, a few friends, a small camera crew, and our cool concept. I asked my girl if she thinks that me following up my video for "Don't Say No" with a video that was far less grandiose would confuse my fans. She said "Nope. Because you're weird. People accept the stuff you do because they didn't know what to expect from you in the first place." 

Ummm... I guess that's a good thing... right?
Although being the black sheep gives me room to be creative and keeps people from pigeon-holing me, it hasn't always worked to my benefit, so I can't help but be conscientious of how me being a strange girl has an affect on my day to day life.

While me not fitting in has made a few people weary to work with me in the past, these days my differences are my strengths. The fact that I don't look, dress, or sound like a lot of other artists has gotten me some recognition that I have never had before. It's not like I am TRYING to be a nonconformist, it just happens to be who I naturally am. Being yourself is always a safe bet, and it's working for me. For one thing, I have been nominated for an award at The Midwest Rapper's Ball on June 12th at The Real Theater. And as if that hometown love wasn't enough, I just found out that I am the actual ANNOUNCED winner of the Chicago Independent Award for Female Performer of The Year. It's a special honor. My name is currently listed on the CI Awards website as an award recipient, I didn't find out until today. The awards ceremony will be held at The Palmer House Hilton, I get to bring my mom & sister and have special seating... it's really going to be a nice evening. I've never gotten this type of recognition in my hometown before. Needless to say, I love it. 

I'm starting to notice there are a lot of people who realize they don't exactly fit in with the norm. Nor do they want to. Nor do they consider "normal" the cool thing to be. Some of those people are big supporters of my music, and they invented #TeamBadAss (it's @Team_Bad_Ass on Twitter) so that they could have a way to show support for me while at the same time showing solidarity among the many people internationally who are happy being atypical and not fitting in with the status quo. They're the people who are creating my movement, I'm just along for the ride. LoL. 
Go Team Bad Ass.
Of course, when you don't dress and/or speak the same as everybody else, many people tend to see your differences instead of embracing your similarities. Acceptance is something I stopped looking for long ago, you just can't please people all the time, dammit. Fortunately for me, my talent gains my acceptance, or at least respect, within the hip hop community. After being shown a video of me rapping in the studio, the promoter who is throwing a concert for the infamous female rapper, Trina, has asked me to come open up for her at her concert in Chicago on June 17th. How bad ass is that?
That's a pretty sweet gig for any rapper to play, right? Well... How many artists could do a straight up urban show like that & then turn around a week later and play at a rock event like Mobfest? I can! (I don't even know how to explain how stoked I am to open for an ASCAP event at Mobfest.) I love doing live shows because I always get to meet people who are "different" like me when they come to see me perform. Some of the people might look like they blend in with everybody else, but they think & act totally different from the masses, and these are the people who tend to come to MY shows. And that rocks. 
I hope to see you guys on June 26th. I'm really excited that I am FINALLY gonna have the opportunity to play at an ASCAP showcase. Tickets are only 5 dollars if you print this flier. I'll be performing with my girls and my musicians and my dj and we'll be in our outfits with our crazy hair and bad ass shoes. LoL. Hopefully you'll be there in your bad ass outfit, too. I look forward to seeing it.

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