I'm receiving a Chicago Independent Award today. That kinda rocks.

Today at about 5pm, I'll be making a trip to The Palmer House Hilton. I'll be escorted to a receiving area for nominees and award recipients and take pictures for press before I'm escorted into the Honore Ballroom to attend the ceremony for The Chicago Independent Awards. And at some point in the evening, I will be honored as Female Performer of The Year. Yeah. That kinda rocks.

Is it totally lame that I don't know what I'm gonna wear yet? Smh.

Go #TeamBadAss! We win.

To be nominated for an award at all is no small accomplishment. There are so many talented, hard working artists in Chicago. But to be honored as an award winner before the event even transpires... that's kind of big. It means that you've done exceptionally well in your field and the people who voted felt you stood out far enough beyond your competition that you deserved distinguished recognition. So for me, to attend an event like this as an "Award Recipient" and not just a "Nominee" is really flattering. There are so many awesome independent female performers in my city. It feels good to be recognized, you know? Winning this award of Father's Day has an even deeper meaning for me, because if my dad were still with us he would have been extremely proud.

Over the past couple of years, I've really developed as a performer. I learned to just let go onstage. I think a performer becomes really awesome when they finally find their self musically. once you know your sound and know your music, you know how you want to perform it. I have no concept of how I look onstage. I just go for it. Fuck it, you know? I don't give a damn about looking pretty or sexy, once I'm up there it's all about the music. And I'm not afraid to make an ugly face if that what it takes to kill a performance.
I hope to see all of you at my upcoming performance at Mobfest. IT IS GOING TO BE GREAT. I feel like I'm finally getting the respect I deserve as a performer. Partially because I lose my fucking mind onstage. LoLoL. It will be my 1st time doing a full show of the music from my mixtape. This is going to be a very good thing. You don't wanna miss it.
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Print the flier so you get in for only $5. See you there!

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