I need an assistant. Like, ASAP.

I am so busy that I can not even begin to explain. I'm the chairman and CEO of "Nikki Lynette," and although my management team does a lot to keep things moving forward, sometimes I have a larger workload than I can handle. For example, right now I am rehearsing and developing my show for MobFest on June 26th, and I am also writing/producing my album. I am not going to have time to do all of the things I once did. I need help. Now.

I need an intern/assistant. I'll pay a small weekly stipend. I need a well organized person who wants to learn about the recording industry. Being my assistant/interny person isn't so bad. One past assistant got flown to NY with me when I had a show out there. Another got featured in an article in the Red Eye and got to talk bout his experiences interning with me. Aside from being able to get in some events for free and getting a lil bit of pocket change, I can't offer much more than that...but the wealth of knowledge that you will receive is priceless! (Insert smiley face here.)


I am looking for somebody who actually is pursuing music business or music business management or something like that as a career. You don't need prior experience, but some sort of references would be appreciated.

  • Must be well organized
  • Must be personable & friendly
  • Must have a cell phone and computer with internet access of your own
  • Must be willing to maintain & update my schedule (That's very important) 
  • Must be a hard worker (I refuse to pay a stipend to a slacker)
  • Must be trustworthy
  • Must be familiar with my music and image (Google me)
  • Must live in either Chicago or New York, or surrounding suburbs.
Things you should know about me:
  • I never sleep. (My memory suffers because of it, so I am a total spaz)
  • I have NO organizational skills whatsoever. (Unless it's something I am making money off of)
  • I have no life outside of my career. Seriously.
You'd have to be ready to get to work right away, because I am in the middle of a million things. If you are interested in coming on board, please email info@nikkilynette.com and tell us a bit about yourself. Also, please include a number where you can be contacted. 
Serious inquires only. Don't vex me.
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RANDOM: Isn't my lil video cute? LoL

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