Pics from Diddy's Grammy Afterparty

It was wild. Insane. Unbelievable. I don't have enough time to explain.

There is soooooo much I want to tell you, but I'm too tired and too much in a hurry to do it. I wish I was in better spirits right now, but honestly, I'm bummed out. This trip has made me realize that I can never, ever, ever again bring multiple people to do an out of town show with me unless my manager is present. Neither my business manager nor my personal manager were able to make this trip, but both of them were greatly involved with facilitating everything. However, I was under a lot of stress. Organizing the details of day to day activities, dealing with changed plans, handling my girls, managing expectations, keeping people punctual... it all falls under the category of shit I don't want to do. It was hard. I cried twice. I don't really like having to be the boss. I don't like being put in a position where I have to be "the bitch" because I told somebody to be ready at 7:15p and they weren't ready until 7:35p. I don't like having to tell people "hurry up" or have to deal with sad faces and hurt feelings because you didn't get to have the make up artist put your fake eye lashes on. 
It's a long story. 
In spite of all of that, I had to post pictures from Diddy's party. I'll give you the full story later. I have to go to bed because the Ourstage competition is today. I have 3 hours to sleep. Wish me luck. 
Enjoy the pics!


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  • wow UG LY

  • Hmmm...doesn't look I missed much.

  • In reply to mikuls:

    If u're not an up and coming recording artist then u didn't miss anything. But I made relationships there that have already changed the coarse of my career. There's nothing wrong with "partying with a purpose"

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