I have some pretty damned good news.

So... my trip to LA last week was quite an adventure. Ultimately, it was one of the best networking experiences I've ever had. And I actually got some business accomplished, too. The strange part about it is, I wasn't even going to LA to do business, I was really just there to network, enjoy the Grammy events, and compete as a finalist in the New Music Seminar's "Artist On The Verge" competition. Check out the pics below. 

In a few days, I am going back to LA to work on my album with a BAD ASS production team who already have industry credits under their belt. They've worked with major artists and traveled internationally to study under some of the most successful and skilled people in the industry. And next week they start working on a project with lil' ole me :o) How'd that come about? Well... it's a long story. Isn't EVERYTHING with me a long ass story? 
All in all, My trip to LA was pretty cool. I attended a lot of parties and even did some red carpet interviews at P. Diddy's official Grammy after party. It was all really fancy and awesome, but really, I'm the kind of artist who prefers being in the recording studio. I literally left Diddy's party 2 hours early so that I could go see my boy's studio. Oh... and for the record... On our way out of Diddy's party, me and my girl Katy were intercepted by Suge Knight. He wanted me to get my girls and roll to another party with him and his guys in his stretch limo. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. We chatted for a minute, went through formal introductions, etc. Then I jokingly told Suge "I don't know about you, Mr. Knight. I heard you're a bad motherfucker. Am I safe with you?" And he replied "Yeah, as long as you got God." Again, THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Whoa, right? So... I ran to get my girls and since Suge's limo was parked right at the entrance, we quickly walked around the back of Suge's limo. When his guys asked "Where you going?" I shouted "I'll be right back." After I had the driver drop my background singers off at the hotel, I made a bee-line straight to my friend's recording studio. When I got to his studio, I was still in my dress from Grammy night, in full make up and Nicholas Kirkwood high heels, spinning around in his office chair listening to the BAD ASS beats he was working on. I can't help who I am. I'm a music geek. NOT a groupie hoe.
This was my first time I'd seen my friend Marcos in a long while. We speak on the phone infrequently, but when we do speak it's usually a lengthy conversation about what's going on in my career and how I can improve it. I like him a lot because he's a producer who's had a certain degree of success but is still building up his own name, yet in the midst of that he still actually makes an effort to help artists who he believes in. And maybe he likes me because I've never begged him for freebies. On Grammy night, instead of being out partying 'til sunrise like everybody else, Marcos, my girl Katy, and I sat around talking music. And in those 2 hours, we came to a decision. 
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I will be returning to LA on February 15th to work on a project with Da Internz. If you don't know who they are, don't feel bad. Chances are you've heard their music and just didn't know it was them. They spend more time actually working than self promoting... that's why they're successful. They've worked with Mims, Young Berg, Letoya Luckett, The Cool Kids, and more... and now me :o) 
I'm super duper mega excited about my album now. Before talking to Da Internz, I had already wrangled the support of another accredited producer, my friend Prolyfic. 
Aside from being one of the few producers to ever be able to boast that Jay-Z rapped on one of his beats, he's a dope producer with a long list of industry credits who is also a childhood friend of mine, another person who I NEVER EVER asked to help me until now. We actually came up in the same hip hop crew and were kind of adversaries until we ran into each other again a few years ago when Prolyfic was working on Lupe Fiasco's first album and I was working with Lupe's manager. Prolyfic is mega talented, and between him, Da Internz, my boy Sleepy Fox, and my own production, I know my debut album is gonna be an urban/alternative, ass kicking, body rocking masterpiece. The whole project probably won't be finished until summer. So I'm dropping a mixtape in March :o) Stay tuned for details.
RANDOM: Footage Jahmilah shot of me at the New Music Seminar. WARNING: It's extremely random. Lol.


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  • See what happens when you hustle hard? Everything that's coming about is all well deserved. You put in the work and you are now reaping the benefits of it. Keep shining honey. You are indeed a STARRUH ;)

  • Congrats on the opportunity, the fruit of your hard work! I'm sure you'll make the most of it.

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