Check out Nikki Lynette's 1st music video... IT'S SO BAD ASS!

My video is out! My video is out! My video is out!!!!

For those of you who may not have noticed, my video is currently out :o) Yeah. I leaked it Friday night. I got an earful of fussing and some idle threats for doing it, but it was SOOOO worth it. I wanted to post it to my blog on Friday, but I opted to wait until Monday because that feels so much more official. My video turned out AMAZING! And now you can FINALLY see for yourself.

I'm super excited about it and I couldn't have done it without the people who helped make it all happen. Thanx to all of you:

Chris & Blaq at Impakt Studio for shooting, directing, and editing the video
DJ Toymaster and Slang Music Group for making this awesome song with me.
Dye Lyfe Artistic Apparel for wardrobe, styling, and fashion consulting. Also, special thanx to the Dye Lyfe models for prettying up my video :o)
Anna Hovet for supplying wardrobe (I'm in love with that hooded dress!)
Jahmilah Aalazam for choreographing & making sure we didn't suck
Labake Oyebanjo for assisting Jahmilah in teaching the choreography at rehearsals and assisting the director while we shot.
Phoenix Alazam, Chante Linwood, and Lauren Tolliver for dancing in the video and being upbeat and awesome through 12 hours of filming
Brave Monk, Egg Roll, and Heaven of Phaze II for KILLING the break dancing in my video. I mean, how bad ass was that? Damn. My only regret is that we coudn't show it all!  
Red Bull for allllll the free beverages (we were SO wired.) And Kasey Taylor for making it so Red Bull knows I exist (I heart u girl!)
Katelyn Westerman for the dope ass make up. You made us look glamorous under the 
shadiest of conditions. LOL!
My sister Angel Marie Katumbusi for styling my back up singer's hair. You rocked!
My crazy brother Vince for dancing in the video and for handling the situation with the crazy chick who pulled out a weapon when she lost her money. LOL. You're just TOO smooth. 
Harry Mayers for filming the CrAzY behind the scenes video footage that we still have yet to sort through. We HAVE TO put some of it on my epk!
Chi Town's Finest Breakers who didn't make it into the final cut of the video cuz the lighting didn't match the rest of the video. i wanna put out the footage of them jamming to my sing just because it was SO ad ass. 
Briahna Gatlin and Ruben Trejo for helping me get people to show up and be in my video. We had sooooo many people there, and I couldn't have done it without you. 
And I can't forget Miss Bling who made me the CRAZY Don't Say No glasses!
Thumbnail image for dsn_glasses.png
And everybody else who came out and supported/danced/made a cameo, thanx for making my first video awesome. My video is SO Chicago. that's how you know it's truly bad ass :o)


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  • Congrats, Nikki! It looks great!

  • In reply to Chundria:

    Thanx girl! Chi Town chix rule!

  • Amazing video! I had to do a write up on it here:


  • In reply to MaxGutnik:

    OMG. I am so flattered that i don't know what to say. First of all, thank u for the positive feedback about the video. Second, thanx for posting it on your page. I really appreciate the love I get from GoWhere, u guys are super supportive. The next song I release, I'm giving it to u guys as an exclusive. If u'll have it, I mean :o)

    Thanx for the post. I'm about to tweet the hell out of it!!!!!!

  • In reply to MaxGutnik:

    Wow Nikki! As Paris Hilton says, "Your video is hot!"....Huge kudos to YOU and your great support team!!!!! Candid Candace :-)

  • In reply to CandaceJordan:

    Thanx Candace! Thats was really sweet of u to say. I'm blushing :o)

  • In reply to CandaceJordan:

    Nice work Nikki....don't say no.
    Great graphics, choreography, hair, make-up, and Nikki is just stunning. Keep up the good work.

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