My Fashion Epiphany: "Myself" is my favorite fashion trend.

Over the past week, I've been putting myself through a considerable amount of stress trying to figure out what I should dress my background singers and myself in while we're in LA for the Grammy events. As you know, being in that environment can work wonders on an artist's career, so I am taking this trip to lA very seriously. I want to make the best impression possible while I'm there, but I also want to be comfortable. So I've been putting myself through the rigors trying to decided what look to go for...and today, out of the blue, it hit me. I know exactly how I want my background singers and myself to look. I want us to look like... us. 

While it's super important to me that I make a great impression, it's also essential that I'm being myself. My girls and I already have our own sense of style, and instead of trying to style around that, I really just want to capture the essence of who WE are instead of the essence of what the fashion trends are... does that make sense? Allow me to explain.

In order to understand what I mean when I say we have our own sense of style, you'd have to see some pictures of the type of stuff that we wear, both onstage and in real life. Comfort is really important to us, because we all like to dance, and you never know when the mood will hit. I think that instead of trying to find "designer this" and "trendy that," I want us to just be ourselves. We DON'T wear designer clothes just for a label, we'll only wear it if it's bad ass. We DON'T get all dressy to fit into posh environments, we just do our own thing and let our personalities speak for us. We DON'T dress for attention, we wear what we like and are indifferent to both good and bad attention, because we weren't thinking about public opinion when we got dressed. That's how we are, and I don't want to STOP being that way just because we're going to be down at the Grammies. 

Either way, I have much more important stuff to concern myself with than what we're going to wear for 4 days in California. I always tell my back up singers I'd rather them sound great than look good. So I'm shifting my focus back to that. Anybody can dress trendy. But how many people are comfortable expressing their individuality with their clothes? I don't want to wear a costume, where I'm presenting myself as a remix of the real NIkki. I like how the real Nikki does her thing. I'm comfortable dressing as me, so that's what I'm going to do. And anybody I meet who doesn't like it just doesn't see the vision. That's not my problem. And you know what else? I actually feel relieved. Am I crazy for thinking this way, or are you with me?
Who am I kidding? I know you're with me.

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