Sean Paul Talks to Nikki Lynette about his newest album, Imperial Blaze

One of the most memorable celebrity interviews I've ever conducted was with Sean Paul. Not only because he's a multi-platinum, world class entertainer...but also because he's quite a character. 

Over the past few years, I"ve become pretty good at doing celebrity interviews. (Insert pat on the back here.) I started doing them for a local tv show on Fox Chicago, and that eventually evolved into me conducting the interviews freelance. 
This is an interview I did with Sean Paul while he was in town for a promotional event that he did with Smash Brothers for his album Imperial Blaze a few months ago. That was a crazzzy day. I actually ended up posting Twitpics of some of the madness. Like this one.
sean paul's hand

That's Sean Paul's hand. And that's my leg. And the explanation is a looong story...but I'll just say this: Sean Paul loves the ladies! Hahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha! Perhaps one day I'll post some of the footage that got cut outta this video. And maybe one day I'll give y'all a detailed account of the benefits/drawbacks of being a cute female professional who works in the male dominated music industry and all that jazz... but for now, just check out the interview. And go get the album if you don't already have it...its actually kinda hot.

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