I gained weight. Ask me if I care.

For 2 months prior to my video shoot on November 14th, I had one thing on my mind... getting in shape for my video. After the shoot was over, I was allergic to the gym for a week. I ate desserts, I snacked right before bed, I enjoy my fair share of cookies, and behaved in a manner most unglamorous. Sigh. Life was good. However, now that I've gotten my sugar jones out of my system, and now that my fitness trainer is back from vacation, its time to buckle down again because I'm performing at an awesome Grammy party in LA in January. And I'm not ready. I wanna eat french fries :o(

Realistically speaking, my body is a part of my image, and although I think I'd still be sexy even if I was morbidly obese, the "provocative fat girl" image is rarely successful in the music industry. To get in shape for my video, I worked out 2 times a day, took dance classes 4 times a week in addition to dance rehearsals for the video, I adapted a low carb version of my vegan diet, and did anything else that could help me make look better on camera. And it worked. See for yourself. I've posted stills from actual scenes from the final cut of my video for "Don't Say No."
I thought I looked a little chubby in my viral video for my song "Best In the World," but I know the camera tends to add a bit of weight. (Download my song "Best In The World" for free.)
So I weighed myself, and I actually only gained 4.5 pounds. However, because my lazy, hedonistic ass barely worked out over the past 2 weeks, I've lost some of the tone in my arms and legs. Its very likely that my trainer will be pissed. Tom is the kinda trainer who'll kick your ass to get results. If he sees an update of mine on Facebook saying that I'm eating something from the no-no list, he'll make me do extra reps of my exercises as punishment. And I know he's gonna weigh me. I'm screwed. (I'll be blogging about him soon, I assure you.) My body is kinda used to exercising now, so it won't take us long to regain my muscle tone. I just realllllllllllllllllly don't feel like doing the hard work. Is that bratty? I don't care. Pain hurts.
My upcoming show in January in LA is a big deal for me. There will be some major movers and shakers there, and I have to look and feel my best for that performance. I've never done a show in LA before. And my first performance will be at an official GRAMMY PARTY!?! So yeah. I gotta get my act together. 
So here's my plan. Tonight I'm gonna eat whatever the hell I want and be a couch potato and watch cartoons. And tomorrow morning I'm gonna get my ass up and go to the gym and set up my workout schedule with my trainer. It sounds like a recipe for procrastination, but thats what I did before I started my fitness routine for my video shoot. And that woulda worked really well if I hadn't spent the past 2 weeks recovering from it ;o)
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Recording "Best In The World"

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