Trying Again...

38411883_10214582546671365_1938314200904368128_n-2My eldest son (the one who just had brain surgery) had tryouts for his second year of the high school soccer team last week. I think I was way more nervous than he was.  See, the thing is - he was lazy all summer. Now he has every right to be, he did have brain surgery on May 14th.  However, the neurosurgeon had given him the clearance to workout and even do a little running.  And he didn't do much of anything.  He worked out a bit, and luckily the week before tryouts he was able to participate in a soccer skills camp to get some exercise and touches..but I was worried about his endurance.

Tryouts started Wednesday at 7am (talk about early!).  He was only able to get through about 1/2 or 3/4 of the tryout that day because his Achilles tendon started bothering him!  Of all things (and where did that come from!? Hmm..maybe he should have done a little running over the summer!?)

Anyhow, we went to the trainer afterwards to get some tips on how to stretch it out and I took him to the chiropractor that afternoon (his ankles were both locked up too).  He made it through the next two days of tryouts (barely) and I'm happy to say he made the team!

Now the hard work starts....daily practices and games for the next 6 weeks! I am just praying he has a successful INJURY FREE season.  Last fall he broke his shoulder in the second high school game and was out for three weeks. He only played a few games total  Then during his winter season with his travel team he got a concussion and was out for a month.  Then he got sick after spring break which turned into brain surgery and he missed his entire spring season.  He did not have a very successful freshman year of soccer.

So we're trying again - hopefully this Achilles tendon issue will resolve itself soon - we've been doing our own PT at home and I'm praying it will help. Although I know the best cure for that is rest there is no time for that. We will just continue with wearing the brace, the stretches, the ice, the ibuprofen and stretches.

38840325_10214634052478978_8810727741017030656_nNow he just wants to play the game he has loved since Kindergarten! And as nervous as I am going to be watching him play considering he just had brain surgery (can I bring a flask to the game?  LOL), I will watch and enjoy it (the best my nervous self will allow me too) because I know it's what he loves to do. He's having fun, he's out there HEALTHY and happy and that's all that matters and that's what makes it a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

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