If I have learned anything about confidence - it's been in the past two days!

I went from this:










To this:










I am bald by choice. I shaved my head for St. Baldrick's. Was I nervous? Sure. But I wanted to do it. I've been planning the events for years. I've watched so many others do it and this year it was my turn. My mother-in-law recently lost her hair from cancer and she had a really hard time with it. I wanted to show her the hair isn't what makes her beautiful.

I had no idea what my shape my head would be under my hair. Would it be bumpy and misshapen? I have never even had really short hair before! Luckily my head is nicely shaped. I only have one scar from an accident in 6th grade and I'm getting tons of compliments which is really helping boost my confidence!

I had bought and was prepared with hats, scarfs and wraps thinking I would cover my head up - but I'm actually wearing it proud and not covering it like I thought I would. I'm only covering it when I'm cold (which isn't as often as I thought either!)

Now the fun part will be to see what color it grows in as (I've been highlighting my hair since I was 14!) and  if it comes in thicker or curly (I had very thin and paper straight hair my whole life!)

Stay tuned for updates!

Being bald makes it a beautiful day!

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