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Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense

Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense
After last week’s loss to Denver, there have been a lot of different headlines ranging from Marion Barber losing the game for the Bears to Tim Tebow officially being anointed as successor to the pope (maybe not, but he’s close). Though these were both integral parts of the game, no football game is won or... Read more »

Bears D will be ready for Marshawn Lynch

This is truly and amazing run. What makes this an even more amazing run by Marshawn Lynch was that it was in a playoff game at a time in the game when all the Saints needed was a stop for a shot to march down the field for a game winning score. This is not... Read more »

Bears will get their revenge against the Seahawks

Thanks to the Packers, the Bears get their revenge against the Seahawks. The Bears shouldn’t have lost that game but they did and it’s payback time. Against the Seahawks, the Bears called 12 rushing plays and Cutler threw 39 times. They were 0-12 on third down. The defense didn’t fare any better as they failed... Read more »

Bears match up well against all the NFC playoff teams

Bears fans shouldn’t be worried about losing to the Packers. The Packers had to play their absolute best to get into the playoffs. Although the offense didn’t do much against the Packers, the defense looked like their got their swagger back against one of the best offenses in the league. The Bears, on the other... Read more »

Offense needs to pick up the slack for defense

Chicago Tribune The 4th Phase was pretty confident coming into this game. Against the Panthers, the Bears rushed for 218 yards, the most in a couple decades and won without Jay Cutler. The game against the Seahawks was supposed to be a cake walk. The Seahawks were ranked 31st in passing defense and it looked... Read more »

Bears play uninspiring football against the Seahawks

Chicago Tribune The Seahawks came off their bye and into Soldier Field ready to play. The Bears on the other hand, fell asleep at the wheel. If the Bears had any momentum going into this game after winning on the road at Carolina without Jay Cutler, it is now all gone. Fortunately, the Bears are... Read more »

Live 4th Phase feed of Bears vs. Seahawks

Graphic courtesy of Jorge Bach Let me go on record and say there is no way the Bears are losing this game. The 4th Phase is pretty optimistic. The Seahawks are terrible when they’re not playing in front of their 12th Man with them. Besides, Matt Hasselback doesn’t have any proven receivers to throw to,... Read more »

Keys to victory against the Seahawks

The Bears start their home stand and enter the softer part of their schedule this week against the Seahawks. Jay Cutler is back and has recovered from the concussion he suffered against the Giants. I’m looking for the defense to steam roll the Seahawks because they don’t have enough weapons on either side of the... Read more »
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