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EA Sports Madden NFL 13 Launch Event at Grant Park

If you’re in the Chicago-area, check out the FREE EA Sports Madden NFL 13 launch on Thursday, June 21- Friday June, 22 in Grant Park. Attendees will have a chance to root for with their favorite NFL greats while vying for a chance to win a free EA Sports Madden NFL 13 game. During both the NFL... Read more »

Ranking the Bears teams of the Past Decade

Over the past ten years, the Bears have seen highs (Super Bowl appearance) and lows (Drafting in the top 5 of the Draft). However, from 2001-2011, the Bears have had one of the best decades of their history. After suffering through six losing seasons in the 90s, the Bears made the playoffs four times during... Read more »

Bears to select UGA G Glenn in latest mock

Draft eve is upon us! I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some memorable sporting events in my life, but one that is on my bucket list is the NFL Draft. For some, it is the chance to start a new chapter in their organization’s history. For others, it’s a chance to find that missing piece... Read more »

Robbie Says NFL Owners All About The Gould

Robbie Gould was at the Cubs game on Wednesday to sing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. The Bears players rep had this to say:  “Look fans don’t buy tickets to see Virginia or Brian McCaskey. They pay to watch Brian Urlacher, Drew Brees and all the great players. This lockout is all because... Read more »

Bears release a statement about the Lockout

This morning, the Bears sent out an official statement about the NFL’s labor crisis to all the disappointed Bears fans. Here’s what the team and CEO Ted Phillips said:  Our goal during the ongoing labor situation is to keep you informed on the latest from Halas Hall.  Below is a statement released this morning from... Read more »

NFL, union officials meet to (hopefully) extend the season

The NFL and union officials met for the first time since February to discuss the possibility of adding 2 games to the regular season. Under the proposal, teams would play in a total of 20 games, 2 preseason and 18 regular season. This is what fans have wanted all along. Who wants to sit and... Read more »

National media not sold on the Bears

There’s been a lot of national media folks who simply aren’t sold on the Bears and the moves they made this offseason. First, Peter King had the nerve to rank the Bears 25th and now, John Czarnecki of FOX NFL, tells us, the 4th Phase to be prepared to be “deflated”. He writes: They were... Read more »

Opponents learn when they'll lose against the Bears on Tuesday

You can’t judge a book by its cover. We’ve all heard that adage before and it speaks true to the Bears schedule. Here’s another adage… You can’t predict a team’s record by its schedule. Here’s another… Just because a team looks like they have a tough schedule doesn’t mean that it will. Bottom line, no... Read more »
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