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Da Coach returns to coaching!

From Hugging Harold Reynolds: 25 years after Super Bowl shufflin’, former Bears coach Mike Ditka and former Niners/Lions coach Steve Mariucci will serve as head coaches in the 2011 Under Armour All-America High School Football Game, Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 7 p.m. ET, on ESPN.

Chicago Bears Traditions wallpapers of All-Time Greats

You might not like how the Bears are playing this year or their coaching staff but what keeps people holding on to their fan card is what we remember the Bears to be. updated their site with a really cool set of Traditions wallpaper available for download. In the collection, you can download wallpapers... Read more »

Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan to reunite?

As reported by Fred Mitchell and David Kaplan, from the Chicago Tribune: Sources say Mike Ditka plans to encourage his former defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan to attend the Bears’ Glory Days event on Nov. 5, celebrating the anniversary of the 1985 Super Bowl season. It would be the first reunion of the two since their... Read more »

NFC North rivalries rekindled: Green Bay Packers

The season is almost upon us, 23 days and counting. Not that any of us need a reminder of Bears fans hatred towards the Packers, but here’s a video that will do the trick. The crew at Total Packers made sure to remind us why the 4th Phase hates everything about the Packers. The rivalry... Read more »

Walter Payton running the Wildcat against the Packers

State Street Sports posted a video of the Bears slashing through the Green Bay Packers defense. What’s great about video is that its not just about a typical Mike Ditka-led Bears playing smash mouth football with Walter Payton, its the Monsters of the Midway beating up on the Cheeseheads from the Wildcat and with Payton taking the... Read more »

Don't mess with Ditka on a plane!

Doesn’t the world know by now? Don’t mess with Da Coach and you better listen to him! While on air plane during a flight delay, Coach Mike Ditka got annoyed by a few passengers that refused to listen to the flight attendant. A passenger, sitting behind Ditka, had the courage to capture video of Ditka... Read more »

Mike Ditka gives Viking fans false hope

Da Coach Mike Ditka was in Viking country to promote his newest wine. He told a Minneapolis reporter:  4 will be back. Protect him. Get open.. and play good defense and you’ll win the Super Bowl. Maybe Da Coach was drinking too much of his own wine and thought the reporter was referring to his... Read more »

Mike Ditka coaches Tiger Woods in new EA commercial

Coach Mike Ditka appears in the latest EA commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour11. Maybe Da Coach can whip Tiger into shape. Check out the commercial, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

Mike Ditka says loyalty no longer exists in the NFL

Jeff Pearlman, from, recently interviewed Da Coach, Mike Ditka,  for a book project. Ditka came to tears as he talked loyalty and football.  Pearlman wrote:  A couple of weeks ago, as I was interviewing him for a book project, Mike Ditka looked me in the eye and began to cry.  He was talking about... Read more »

Greatest draft picks in Chicago Bears history

In spirit of draft weekend, Larry Mayer, Senior Writer with the Chicago Bears counted down the top ten greatest draft picks in Chicago Bears history.  Drum roll please…  Surprised that your favorite Bear didn’t make the list? Out of the top ten, nine are in the Hall of Fame. The only non-HOF’er is Richard Dent.... Read more »
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