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Who's The Best WR In The NFC North?

I rarely write anything with any analytic value and most of the time I write based on my passion for the beloved. Most of my posts are pro-Bears, no matter what they do, no matter how good or bad they are. After a rather senseless Twitter exchange (as most are) with a Lions fan, I... Read more »

Super Bowl champs raise the bar for the Bears

In the 25th anniversary of Bears’ dominant Super Bowl win that established them as the Greatest Team Of All Time, the Packers won this year’s Super Bowl. This is every Bears fan worst nightmare. They beat our team to get into the playoffs, beat them to win the Halas Trophy and went ahead and won... Read more »

Fans reaction to Cutler should be in question... not Cutler's toughness

A Bears “fan” burning a Cutler jersey. Its pretty ridiculous how some fans can just turn on players when a week before they were feeling high and mighty about that same player. No Bears player has gotten more heat than Jay Cutler. He’s criticized for his lack of leadership skills, his mechanics, the fact that... Read more »

Bears-Packers: The Biggest Chicago Sports Event Ever

I haven’t been able to write a post about the Bears-Packers game all week because I’ve been worked up. I’m caught in the emotion and intensity of the rivalry. Sunday’s game will not disappoint. The teams know each other too well. Expect a tough, physical, almost painful to watch game.  I grew up on watching... Read more »

Vegas odds on the Bears making it to the Super Bowl

According to Vegas, the Bears have the second best shot in the NFC to make the Super Bowl. According to betting guide website, those placing bets on the season’s final outcome have given New England a 35% chance of winning it all. That’s nearly equal to the odds for the next three contenders–the Atlanta... Read more »

Bears match up well against all the NFC playoff teams

Bears fans shouldn’t be worried about losing to the Packers. The Packers had to play their absolute best to get into the playoffs. Although the offense didn’t do much against the Packers, the defense looked like their got their swagger back against one of the best offenses in the league. The Bears, on the other... Read more »

Bears cannot afford to sit their starters

Photo: Chicago Tribune The Bears simply cannot afford to lose to the Packers this Sunday. There are differing opinions on whether or not they should rest their players. Lovie Smith needs to prepare this team as if these are the playoffs not because they are the Bears’ biggest rivals, but because the Packers are a... Read more »

1st Goal: Beat the Packers (only half accomplished)

Photo: Chicago Tribune When Lovie Smith was hired in 2004, he said that his first goal as a head football coach was to beat the Packers. For so many years, the Packers have had the Bears number and he wanted to make sure the Bears had the upper hand under his watch. Smith has an... Read more »

Crown'em NFC North Champs this weekend! It’s a wrap folks! The Bears will become NFC North champs after this weekend. Plenty of skeptics predicted the Bears would finish 3rd in the North and maybe below the Lions. With this… Yes, on behalf of those who believed, I will go ahead and say, “I told you so”.  The Bears will face... Read more »

Packers keep pace with the Bears

It was supposed to be another epic battle between the Vikings and Packers. This game was supposed to a high noon shoot out where the ole gunslinger faced the quarterback that ran him out of town for the last time. It was supposed to be where Brett Favre would have the last laugh against Aaron... Read more »
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