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Who's The Best WR In The NFC North?

I rarely write anything with any analytic value and most of the time I write based on my passion for the beloved. Most of my posts are pro-Bears, no matter what they do, no matter how good or bad they are. After a rather senseless Twitter exchange (as most are) with a Lions fan, I... Read more »

Crown'em NFC North Champs this weekend! It’s a wrap folks! The Bears will become NFC North champs after this weekend. Plenty of skeptics predicted the Bears would finish 3rd in the North and maybe below the Lions. With this… Yes, on behalf of those who believed, I will go ahead and say, “I told you so”.  The Bears will face... Read more »

Bears win their 5th straight - hold the asterisk

This season, it seems that people who follow the team want to asterisk every win the Bears tally up. This game was no different. This time people will point to the Ndamukong Suh’s unnecessary roughness penalty on Jay Cutler.  What looked like a forearm to the back of the head was actually shove from behind.... Read more »

Bears playing well but haven't peaked yet

Jonathan Daniel (Getty Images) It feels good to be 8-3. It will feel even better when the Bears are 9-3. I won’t stop there… how awesome would it by if the Falcons lose? Despite heavy criticism earlier in the season, the Bears have won ball games. They just haven’t won any style points. At the... Read more »
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