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Help me Josh McCown. You're my only hope.

Josh McCown - the Bears new neckbeard?
McCown? Josh McCown? He of the 12-19 career record with a mark of 1-11 on the road? He who was coaching a high school football team about a month ago and hasn't started an NFL game in four seasons? Really? He's the one who's gonna stick his hands up Garza's butt when the Bears line up on Sunday? ...

Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense

Dear Martz, Stop Playing Scared on Offense
After last week’s loss to Denver, there have been a lot of different headlines ranging from Marion Barber losing the game for the Bears to Tim Tebow officially being anointed as successor to the pope (maybe not, but he’s close). Though these were both integral parts of the game, no football game is won or... Read more »

How the Bears Can Win NFC North Again

When I read the headline, I thought to myself, “What’s this? An analyst that thinks the Bears can win the North again? This is music to my ears!” NFL.com analyst, Elliot Harrison, highlights these keys to the Bears’ success: Jay Cutler has “top-five quarterback talent and made strides from his interception-happy campaign of 2009.” Harrison... Read more »

Bears To Face The Buccaneers In London

Adam Schefter, ESPN’s NFL Insider, is confirming that the Bears will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London this upcoming season. The Bears are playing in an away game which means they would not lose out on a home game.  In other news, the Bears will play the St. Louis Rams in the Hall of Fame... Read more »

Get Your Chicago Bears Branded IL License Plate

It’s about time! In an email to the 4th Phase and Season Ticket Holders, the Chicago Bears announced that fans can get a Chicago Bears branded IL license plate:  We’re excited to announce that later today George and Pat McCaskey, Hall of Fame inductee Richard Dent and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, will introduce... Read more »

Super Bowl champs raise the bar for the Bears

In the 25th anniversary of Bears’ dominant Super Bowl win that established them as the Greatest Team Of All Time, the Packers won this year’s Super Bowl. This is every Bears fan worst nightmare. They beat our team to get into the playoffs, beat them to win the Halas Trophy and went ahead and won... Read more »

Fans reaction to Cutler should be in question... not Cutler's toughness

A Bears “fan” burning a Cutler jersey. Its pretty ridiculous how some fans can just turn on players when a week before they were feeling high and mighty about that same player. No Bears player has gotten more heat than Jay Cutler. He’s criticized for his lack of leadership skills, his mechanics, the fact that... Read more »

Bears-Packers: The Biggest Chicago Sports Event Ever

I haven’t been able to write a post about the Bears-Packers game all week because I’ve been worked up. I’m caught in the emotion and intensity of the rivalry. Sunday’s game will not disappoint. The teams know each other too well. Expect a tough, physical, almost painful to watch game.  I grew up on watching... Read more »

Vegas odds on the Bears making it to the Super Bowl

According to Vegas, the Bears have the second best shot in the NFC to make the Super Bowl. According to betting guide website pregame.com, those placing bets on the season’s final outcome have given New England a 35% chance of winning it all. That’s nearly equal to the odds for the next three contenders–the Atlanta... Read more »

Bears D will be ready for Marshawn Lynch

This is truly and amazing run. What makes this an even more amazing run by Marshawn Lynch was that it was in a playoff game at a time in the game when all the Saints needed was a stop for a shot to march down the field for a game winning score. This is not... Read more »
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