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Bears must win to restore faith in skeptical fans

The Bears face the Vikings this Sunday in what could be the most important game of the season. Not many are giving the Bears credit for beating the Bills but a win is a win and the Bears are 5-3. Against the Vikings, the Bears need to use the same formula on offense they used... Read more »

Championship run starts now

The Bears have been relatively healthy and they need to be to make a playoff run.
Jay Cutler was in the middle of the pregame huddle against the Bills and told his team that the championship run started that very moment. Yet, at the beginning of the season, no one gave the Bears a shot — the national media, local media and even Bears fans.  The reality is that the Bears are... Read more »

4th Phase tweets: Bears fans already starting to panic

The Bears are now 0-3 in the preseason… I repeat… the preseason. Twenty five years ago, the Bears finished 1-3 in the preseason but we all know what happened when it really counted. We were witnesses to the greatest team in the history of professional sports. There are a lot of expectations of this team... Read more »

Crown'em... the Bears will win the NFC North

The Bears haven’t gotten much love from the national media but who cares? Even in Madden11, the Bears are rated a 77 and in the bottom half. Forbes even criticized the Bears as being an under-managed team and not living up their financial potential… more on that in a later post. All of this will... Read more »

Bears running backs need to improve their pass blocking

So much has been said about the offensive line and their ability to protect Jay Cutler. While the concerns are valid, they did improve in the later part of last season and protected him relatively well against the Chargers, despite the Chargers blitzing 7 out of 8 plays in the Bears first offensive serious.  What... Read more »

Three role players that will be important to the offense's success

Will he push Forte?
The days of the t-formation Bears are long gone. In comes the latest reiteration of Mike Martz’s “Greatest Show on Turf”, this time Monster of the Midway-style. Can the Bears actually have a prolific offensive, slicing through defenses like a grizzly slices up their prey? Jay Cutler and Martz are in their honeymoon period, Matt... Read more »

Bears running back duo will be key to a potent offense

There is plenty of skepticism (none here) about whether or not the Bears wide receivers could grasp Mike Martz’s playbook or if they have enough talent to become a dominant group. When fans think of Martz’s offense, they often think of Martz wanting his quarterback to chuck the ball down field every play. “The Greatest... Read more »

National media not sold on the Bears

There’s been a lot of national media folks who simply aren’t sold on the Bears and the moves they made this offseason. First, Peter King had the nerve to rank the Bears 25th and now, John Czarnecki of FOX NFL, tells us, the 4th Phase to be prepared to be “deflated”. He writes: They were... Read more »
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    The Chicago Bears need all four phases (offense, defense, special teams and the fans) of the game to work together to pave the way to victory. This is the unofficial 4th Phase blog. You can follow the blog on Twitter, @4thPhase or #4thPhase.

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