Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo critical of Jay Cutler

Let's just say this is bulletin board material. Not sure where this came from but  From former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo's blog, The Score's Joe Ostrowski tweeted:



So what's Jerry Angelo saying here? Is he saying he screwed up and was he fired for mortgaging the Bears' future on a quarterback he traded for. It's not like he did much good in getting the Bears enough talent to compete in the league. It sounds like his indicting himself for being a bad general manager and poor evaluator of talent. While he is just that, I do think the Bears are in the right situation with Cutler and Cutler has the right players around him and a coaching staff (thanks to Phil Emery) that can maximize Cutler's talent, something Angelo was never able to do.

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    Sounds to me like Angelo is guaranteeing that he will never get a GM job again. Pointing out weaknesses in a guy that you mortgaged your teams future for isn't a good indication of one's ability to judge talent real time.

  • Whether Angelo is committing career suicide here isn't the issue. The issue is whether or not he's right.

  • Yes, Jay used to lock onto one player and trust his arm to do the rest. That was back when Devin Hester was the #1 wide receiver because Jerry Angelo couldn't get Jay a good target or an offensive line (no matter how many 1st round tackles he selected). Jay couldn't trust the line to hold long enough to find a target and only had Earl Bennett (our #3 WR now) to trust to run the correct route. Oh and let's not forget the idiots who were calling plays.

    Emery and Trestman want Jay around and both those guys know more about quarterbacks than Angelo. That's all I need to know.

  • In reply to Bacon:

    Agreed. Angelo couldn't evaluate playmakers and on offense. We were force fed with Knox, Hester and Davis.

  • In reply to BearsSTH:

    Not sure why you included Knox. He was a heck of a WR he had speed, hands, and could run routes. Despite not being a big WR he was a weapon and really the Bears only threat (Olsen had some overlap). It seemed to me nagging injuries were more common with Hester and Earl Bennet although he left the game lucky to be able to walk as he was bent in a way one is not supposed to bend. Too bad career ended abruptly. He would've been a great weapon to stretch the field this past season!

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    Spot on Jerry. Tell me, what did he say that isn't painfully obvious to smart Bears fans? Maybe Angelo did make a mistake by trading for Jay but who could blame him at the time? The organization was desperate for a major talent at the position so Jerry pulled the trigger. He probably thought, just like other talent evaluators except Josh McDaniels, that Jay could be nurtured and cultivated into more than just a sporadic flame thrower. Show me one gm that hasn't made mistakes. And what does that say about Emery? What does that say about Trestman when Josh McCown thoroughly out played Jay but was still benched after the killer game he had against the Cowboys?

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    "What does that say about Trestman when Josh McCown thoroughly out played Jay but was still benched after the killer game he had against the Cowboys" Come on, the Cowboys were one of the few teams that had a worse defense then the Bears.

  • In reply to Wayne Driscoll:

    Amen and Bear Down.

  • This is the same guy, who along with that other genius, Lovie Smith, stated "Rex is our quarterback".

  • The guy just doesn't get offense. Prime examples hiring Mike Martz and replacing him with Mike Tice, a guy that admitted he'd never called an offensive play prior to being put in position to fail. I didn't see Lovie clamoring to bring either Martz or Tice into the fold in Tampa.
    (aka The Lovie Tampa 2 redux)

  • I don't think Angelo was intending to indict himself, just that after two years being well off the sideline, he thought he could comment.

    And, as others pointed out, Angelo sure did enough to screw up the rest of the offense.

    Maybe at the time, Angelo thought that Cutler was better than Grossman and Orton, but as someone pointed out later on The Score, apparently he was not Luck or Wilson. Of course, the response was [with respect to the caller's contention that Emery shouldn't have given Cutler an extension], how do you know that the next Wilson is out there in the draft, and the Bears have to draft some defense.

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