Being on the pro-Jay Cutler side of the debate

A couple days ago, I wrote about what goes through the mind of a Jay Cutler hater. It's funny because some haters actually nodded in agreement with the post and they failed to see how dumb their logic really is. The supporters just shrug, shake their head, and let the dumb be dumb. DISCLOSURE: I am a supporter and think know haters are often illogical.

CT ct-spt-1230-bears-packers-chicago3-045.jpg

Against the Packers, Cutler is 1-9
It’s a team game and it take more than just a quarterback to win. Sure, at times, Cutler has struggled but the Packers have had better teams, better talent and Bears coaches were thoroughly out-coached during this time. I suppose you think Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman were better? Orton or Grossman, certainly, didn't "lead" their team to victories.


Cutler throws too many interceptions
Cutler has never had the luxury of throwing to legitimate offensive weapons - receivers who run great routes, can get out of a jam, and the ball skills to make a play. He's also never had a solid offensive line until this year. I'm not excusing the interceptions but, I promise, you will see your fair share of receivers who had the ball bounce from their hands, weren't able to catch the ball in traffic, or fight for the ball when it's in the air.

Bears Cutler stands on field in Chicago against Seahawks

Bears have only made it to the one playoff with Cutler under center
From 2010-2012, the Bears didn’t make the playoffs despite being 28-13 when Cutler was under center. If Cutler stayed healthy, there’s a good chance the Bears make the playoffs. When Cutler was injured the offense fell apart. What does this tell you? He made the players around him better than they really were. This is more of an indictment on the overall talent-level of the team than it is on Cutler.

CT bears-browns013.JPG

Cutler isn’t someone who can man up and get it done
Cutler has 11 4th quarter comebacks and 13 game winning drives both team records. Besides, he's had 4 offensive coordinators since he's been here. All the "elite" quarterbacks have continuity not only with coaches but with receivers and the offensive line. I'm not saying he's "elite"... but he has all the talent and now he finally has an offensive line, receivers and coaches to work with for the foreseeable future.


Cutler isn't durable
Since Cutler has been with the Bears, he's been the most sacked quarterback in the league. The more times he gets dropped, his chances of getting injured increases. If it wasn't for Cutler's mobility, toughness or tolerance to pain, he would've been sacked more or injured more often.


He seems like a jerk off the field
Cutler doesn't like the spotlight. He is who he is. Not every quarterback likes being in the spotlight or does commercials like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. Cutler shouldn't have to be someone he's not. If he was, he'd be a fake and no one wants a fake. Everyone was rooting for a Michael Vick comeback after being convicted of running a dog fighting ring and Ben Roethlisberger after several accusations of sexual assault. With the venom directed towards Cutler, you would think he set a nursery on fire.

12-13 cruze bears packers 21

Cutler has poor body language on the field
Again, he is who he is. He’s not as animated as quarterbacks but does he have to be? Watch any given football game. You'll see the quarterback (no matter who it is) sulk, make a pouty face, throw a tantrum, etc. To hell with demeanor. John Madden vehemently defended Cutler's demeanor and how people perceive him to be in this radio interview:

Are you a Cutler supporter or a hater? Comment below.

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    I'm a supporter. I only hate sick fucks like rapists, murderers and absolute assholes. The only reason I'm a Cutler supporter is because I'm a Bears fan and I want to see them flex beastly domination like the 85 team. The reality of the situation is Cutler hasn't proven anything except that he's a turnover machine, a drive killer, and an eight year passer still living off of a deadly powerful arm and assumed potential. Fans only have so much patience. Even Bears fans. He needs to get his shit together starting this season.

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