The thought process of a Jay Cutler hater

After Jay Cutler signed his seven-year $126 million contract, I’ve had many discussions and debates (sometimes heated) about whether or not it was the right decision. The topics of discussion have ranged from how Cutler is 1-9 against the Packers and most recently didn’t do enough to win against the Packers, his poor leadership skills, or he doesn’t do enough to win the “big” game and make it to the playoffs.

After giving some time to think about these conversations, I think “fans” (yes, with quotation marks) just have a general disdain for the guy and in my opinion for no real, legitimate reason and I wanted to step in their shoes for a couple minutes. Let’s take a look at what a hater interprets what they see…

2011 NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Bears are playing in a close game
Emotions are running high, you’re screaming at the TV, you’re on the edge of the seat…

cutler yawning

Cameras pan to Cutler on the sidelines; he looks disinterested
Wow. He must not care to win the game. Media judges his leadership qualities and demeanor.


Media judges his leadership qualities and demeanor
Look at Cutler. He doesn’t look like he cares to win. Look at his body language! He’s slouching, looking down, and has no emotion.

Jay Cutler

Cutler during a critical drive
He’s not yelling or pointing enough or directing players on where they should go or what they need to do. Cutler isn’t showing any emotion. Tom Brady or Drew Brees or even Aaron Rodgers show WAY more emotion.

CT bears-browns020.JPG

Cutler throws an interception, gets sacked or the Bears lose...
He shows no emotion, no passion and he doesn’t care. A real leader would have led the Bears to a victory.

CT ct-spt-1230-bears-packers-chicago-2-034.JPG

… if the there’s a positive play or the Bears win
Did you see that great catch by Alshon Jeffery/Brandon Marshall? Wow! What a great catch! The ball could’ve been placed better by Cutler but what a great catch!

Jay Cutler

During the post game press conference...
He’s not answering the reporter’s question with much enthusiasm and he’s not looking at them when he’s answering, plus he seems arrogant. See! He doesn’t care! That’s why he isn’t a good leader.


Your weekly NFL or sports debate show...
Yeah, Cutler’s not a good leader and he makes too many mistakes. Let's make Cutler 100% accountable for Bears losses.

chicago_newspaper_criticizes_fox_sports_for_using_phony_headlines (1)

And the national pre-game show…
Can Cutler be the leader the Bears need him to be? He makes too many mistakes… besides who cares? I don't like him. Let's not sign him, promote Josh McCown and draft a quarterback.

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    That's a funny article dude. I don't hate Jay at all, in fact I want him to enjoy wild success in the Windy City, but that will only happen when he proves he can do big things in the clutch. The clocking is going tick...tick...tick...

  • Thanks and yes, the clock it ticking and he has three years. Now he has a stable coaching staff, receivers and an o-line.

  • Ha! Great article! You should see my wise crack towards haters Jay Cutler support jersey shirt that is along these lines. Anyway, Jay can clutch it out of a game. In fact, the beginning of the season some articles already started to refer to him as Jay Clutchler. He also did it after coming off of injury facing huge diversity during the Browns game. But like your cool photo article pointed out…they (“fans”) give credit to everyone else but Jay. However, there does need to be some point where people witness him always being active so they get a sense of consistency. However, reality here...injuries can dictate otherwise like they have been. They also seem to have the need to see consistent mature attitude. The most common human condition just does not have any patience if none of this happens though. I personally like Jay a lot and his attitude is right in the ball park as the only QB who took us to & won the SB i.e. the very controversial & butting heads with the NFL commissioner...our awesome Jim McMahon. Many Bears fans forget that!

  • In reply to jerrico71:

    Thanks! I think people also fail to acknowledge that their opinions have been formed by the popular media with first hand account of what his teammates think of him.

  • fb_avatar

    My comments have nothing to do with the media, fans, announcers or any other outside influences. Just look at a quarterbacks body of work and ask a very simple question: has he won big games consistently or not? Remember the next to last game of 2013 at Philly with the NFC North crown on the line? Did Jay step up and have a career defining game? No? What about the next week at home against the Pack? Did he at the very least lead a clock killing drive to destroy any cheesy hope or go three and out on multiple occasions to practically hand the game over to AAron Rodgers? Lets go back to a huge game at Soldier Field in 2010. Patriots at Chicago in a snow blowing sideways blizzard. Bear Weather! We got smoked 36-7! Each and every time we lose Cutler supporters find ways to blame it on something else. All I'm saying is let's see what happens this year.

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