Bears lose to Vikings: Lack the killer instinct

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I'm not really mad about Trestman opting to kick a field goal on second down to end the game. Robbie Gould is usually money from any distance to win the game. He just missed. I'm more mad about the sequence of plays following the Khaseem Greene interception in the 4th quarter.

After the McCown fumble, the Vikings were poised to get within a score but Greene intercepted aMatt Cassell pass and returns it to 50 yard line. At this point the Bears needed around 15 yards to get into fieldd goal range. This would force the Vikings to march down the field for a touchdown.

The Bears were rolling on offense throughout the game and through the air. Alshon Jeffery already had 249 yards, a Bears franchise record, not to mention you still have Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett... real down field threats. Why not through the ball downfield? Given that McCown is careful with the ball and won't force a throw that risks an interception, the Bears should have let McCown make a decision with a safe throw. After Matt Forte gained nine yards on first down, the play book should have been open for a play of Trestman's choosing. Instead, Trestman decide to give Forte two more times before punting to the Vikings. The Bears have been awful to short yard situations. The Bears go three and out, ate away less than two minutes off the clock and gave the Vikings the ball with 2:40 left in the game. Knowing how porous the Bears defense has been, why not go for the jugular?

Now the Bears find themselves, one game back of the Lions, essentially two games because of the tiebreaker. The only way the Bears make the playoffs is if the Lions somehow slip and the Bears win their last four games.


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    Totally agree. Why change what wasn't broken at that point? I hate when teams go ultra-conservative rather than playing to win through the entire game. I especially hate it when it's my Bears. :(

  • It was like they were playing HEELS!!!!!!!

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