2013 Bears Prediction: Super Bowl

Before you call me crazy, ask yourself a couple questions: are the Bears more talented than last season? Do you think the offense is better than last season? Is the defense still pretty good? Most of you will answer yes to all of these questions. The Bears were a 10-6 last season, a record that will usually get a team in the playoffs. It just so happened the football gods were ready to give the Bears a new coach.

This offseason, Phil Emery did everything he could to improve the offensive line and give Jay Cutler more weapons. Under Marc Trestman's oversight, the Bears offense will accomplish more than what Ron Turner, Mike Martz and Mike Tice ever did. Mel Tucker, while still the using same Cover 2, will have his own version of the defense. Lastly, Devin Hester is back to concentrating on returns. To sum it up all three phases, will see improvements. With that, let's move on to predictions:

Bengals (W) -- The Bengals are everyone's sexy Super Bowl pick. I'm not buying into the Hard Knock's hype. The Bears will win their home opener.

Vikings (W) -- Besides Adrian Peterson, who else do they really have? Bears are just more talented on both sides of the ball.

@Steelers (W) -- This will be a street fight against the Steelers. While the defenses are a wash, the Bears are more talented offensively.

@Lions (W) -- Please. Here's another team people love. They're the most undisciplined team in the league and in my book, they'll always be losers.

Saints (L) -- Sean Payton is back this season and so are the Saints. I think we're in for a shoot out. 

Giants (W) -- The Giants are a well-rounded team but I think the Bears match up well. 

@Redskins (W) -- RGIII's return was all about himself and could be a mistake he pays with career longevity. I don't even think he'll be active.

@Packers (L) -- This season, the Bears will get back on the winning track against their rivals... but not this time. This loss will set up an epic showdown for the division crown later in the year.

Lions (W) -- Next. I don't respect this team at all and I hope Kyle Long destroys Ndamukong Suh.

Ravens (L) -- Their defense looked vulnerable without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis against the Broncos. By this time, they'll have bounced back in the mix for an AFC playoff spot.

@Rams (W) -- I don't think Sam Bradford is a good quarterback. I'll be more excited about Kyle Long going up against his brother, Chris. 

@Vikings (L) -- Can anyone tell me how they think the Vikings are a good team?

Cowboys (W) -- Every season, the 'Boys are all about hype machine and if the national media isn't talking about how bad the Jets are and how much Mark Sanchez sucks, they're talking about how much they like Tony Romo.

@Browns (W) -- Next.

@Eagles (W) -- Chip Kelly's offense will have its moments this season but by this time the league will know how defend it.

Packers (W) -- This will be for the division title and will be the first of two straight wins against their rivals (the next win will be in NFC title for the Halas trophy).

The Bears will finish the regular season 12-4 and win the Super Bowl.

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